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  1. Which of the discussion forums would be the most appropriate on to which to post this?
  2. And why did Evernote remove the ability to save a clip of a selection of text (not a screen shot but a selection of text)?
  3. The issue was your hyperlink contains a comma at the end. But even when I omitted it, and got to the correct page, Evernote tdells yhou to "Submit a ticket", but then fails to provides a means to do so! Here's exactly what they tell you to do: Please submit a ticket (how???) and provide as much information as possible so we can diagnose the problem. For example: Steps to reproduce Screen recording or screenshots Device & operating system Activity log Not what you're looking for? Try a quick search And
  4. I want to change the e-mail address from which I forward notes or post them. I clicked, "change e-mail address", changed my e-mail address after verifying my password, received an e-mail asking me to confirm/verify my (new) e-mail, and clicked the green , "Verify e-mail address" button. And yet, when I now go to forward notes or post them, I'm asked to confirm that my old address is my address. Well of course, it is not. It then occurred to to me that the cause may be that I had not logged out. So I logged out, and tried to log back in with the new e-mail address. And
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