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  1. When i copy a note to a shared notebook even after selecting the field preserve tag, why is the tag not displaying when i view the note in the shared notebook, will it be visible to the shared members but not me ? Please let me know.Thanks.
  2. What happens when I downgrade from business to Premium ? Please help me out and let me know so that I can be prepared for the same. Thank you !
  3. can someone tell me if there is any limit on number of users that can be added in evernote business ? What happens if you will share a notebook to a non-business or premium user and the upload is beyond the shared users limit? Does it count on the original users Data upload? Does it require that the invited user/shared user will have a premium or business account as well?
  4. I read in the Evernote business FAQ's that it allows 500000 notes each account, I want to know whether its the monthly limit or annual limit, Can someone please clear this for me? Thank you !
  5. Evernote has mentioned that the charge for Evernote business is 10 $ monthly and in case we opt for monthly payment each user will be charged separately, I would like to know how much will each user be charged ? and in case I opt for yearly payment of 120 $ , for how many users I will not be charged? Can anyone please clear this for me? Thank you !
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