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  1. Just wanted to follow up on this, I heard back from support and they upgraded me to premium. With Premium there is an info button and essentially you an go back and look at incremental server side backups that are associated with notebook. So it took me about 3 minutes to get the information I needed. Understanding now how easy that is, the only thing that sucks is how much time I spent on this. However I got the data back and I learned in the future if this happens here is the process I would follow: 1. Download and try using iexplorer: Install this program: http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/ to your desktop. When you connect your device and open up iExplorer. You'll see this: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/8c9fc864-059d-43e3-9dd3-bac0f311bcf7/6a55e4ff99a634d094089ce37552d0c5 Double click on apps to the left: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/088ac72b-fcd5-4641-a75b-6cc7ec890d5e/e61b976d3d75365aaf8ea56791af84c1 Then go to Evernote > Library > Caches > www.evernote.com > youruserid (numerical) - check all the folders here for your notes. Also check in Evernote > tmp for any files, as they may be located here, or in Evernote> Library > Private documents > www.evernote.com > username> content Note: We do not provide support for iExplorer, and are providing instructions with this non-Evernote program as a courtesy. 2. If that didn't work because the data was corrupted on your device, ask support to upgrade you temporarily to premium and see if there is a backup: To access your Note History on Evernote for Web: Sign in to your Evernote account at www.evernote.comOpen the note that is missing its contentClick on the INFO icon on the right side of your note toolbarClick the blue "View History" linkFind the version of the note you are looking for, then copy and paste it back into the note or export it as a .enex file so you may import it back into your account.
  2. To stick with the analogy, I came to you like people came to Jonestown looking for answers. They didn't come to drink the kool aid.
  3. Good Point, I guess missionaries aren't employed by the church but they spread the gospel (evangelism in action)
  4. Burger thanks for the info, sounds like I'm out of luck. I agree with both you and Scott about backing up completely crucial information which again is what I do with my TB of pics, videos, documents, etc. which is on 2 HD's and a cloud backup. However for the purpose I use EN mobile I don't think I will back up the data and I think there are probably a lot of people out there like me. Having backups for every single app a person uses regardless of the critical nature of the data is like the 20 year old super healthy person paying $500 a month for the best health insurance plan and carrying 10 million dollars in life insurance. You are definitely covered but it's probably a bit of an overkill. If there are a 100 million users on EN and your telling me this is an isolated case that represents a 1 in a million chance of data loss, I better go buy a lottery ticket. If you are telling me there is a 10% or even a 1% chance of data loss I probably just won't use the service. There is also a difference with say google, they have support and process in place for helping users recover data in an unfortunate and extremely unlikely event like this. I know as an EN employee that drives you crazy and I'm not saying google is perfect (I refuse to use their email interface) and I also will say that EN is respected but google is just a much larger company with a much larger user base and a lot more money. Thanks for you help both of you and escalating my ticket. It's a great model having evangelists address these boards, it makes the users feel like they are being heard and paid attention to while waiting for support.
  5. Scott, can you answer, do they have a server side backup that they keep? Just to be clear I submitted a ticket through the mobile app on Saturday May 31, however it was not received which could have been user error but given my experience thus far I feel fairly confident it may be an issue with submitting tickets through the mobile app specifically. Secondly I submitted my ticket 558439 on Wednesday 6/4 and received a reply on Tuesday 6/10 so almost a week. To your second point about always backing up data and not trusting a cloud provider, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement for evernote and I would like to say I have never heard anyone say they just don't trust google calendar for example so they always back their calendar up locally or to another redundant calendar. I'm glad you haven't had any issues but just to be clear on my experience, I have used EN for one year on one device and had an issue. Now that I have been talking to people about their experiences I would also venture to say there are probably a lot more issues than what get's opened as support tickets and posted on these boards. I would also guess that since it has taken 8 days to have just one correspondence from EN, it's probably safe to assume that their support team is overwhelmed to say the least. I get it that I'm not a paying customer and overall I understand these things happen I just want to make sure this situation is clear to anyone in the future that reads this string. I do not believe this is an isolated incidence, if you plan on using evernote and want to feel confident your data will not be lost it is a necessity that you have a redundant back up plan.
  6. Scott, I only use evernote on my mobile phone for tracking expenses and keeping it in the cloud so that if I lost my phone it's still there. I do use just cloud backup for all of my videos, pictures and documents and everything else I have and I have redundancy backup in place for all of that. This is just a pain because I have to go through receipts and cc statements to track everything now which will take a while but it's not completely devastating. I really just need to know from support if they have a server side backup they can restore or not. I'm wonderning if their lack of responsiveness is just due to volume of workload or because the news is bad for me. Either way I will probably just use a google calendar invite for tracking my expenses in the future from my phone as I think it's probably a little more reliable. It's just a bummer because overall I liked using evernote and for my notebooks that I rarely made updates to I haven't had any problems. If I would have known this support process would take almost 2 weeks I probably would have just ditched evernote and looked up all my expenses but now I have put so much time into this that if there is a chance they have a server side backup they can restore it will be worth it (although the more time the more this becomes a diminishing return).
  7. I was contacted today by support which was great, she pointed me towards an app called iExplorer which allowed me to access cached files and backups saved locally on my iphone device that were specific to Evernote. However whatever error originally occurred has corrupted the backup files as well. When I accessed these files they still showed correctly as last updated 5/31, however the content was the same old content from last November. So I responded to support and asked if they have a backup saved on their server side since it appears that whatever error occurred on the app has now corrupted the device backups associated with the app as well. So I will wait and see and if there is no server side backup I am probably SOL unless anyone else has any ideas. Thanks I3maha but since this was all on my device I don't have any backups on my computer.
  8. Any idea how long it usually takes to hear from support, I entered the ticket last Wednesday, does it usually take about a week to hear back from them? Also does anyone know, when I pull the activity log it only shows the activity for the current day which isn't pertinent to this scenario which occurred Friday and Saturday May 30 and 31. Is there a way they or I can pull those logs?
  9. Thanks i3maha. I submitted another ticket yesterday ticket # 558439. The last ticket I submitted last Saturday was through the phone app which asks if you want to send a copy of the log which I did. As I mentioned I never got a confirmation with a ticket number that time which is why I was frustrated. This time I entered the ticket through the browser on evernote.com and got a ticket confirmation at least. BurgersNfries: I assumed that I would receive an email confirmation but I also don't know how EN support operates which is why I gave them 3 working days then posted in here. I'm hoping support can restore this one notebook back to it's state on May 30th. Also when I pull the log now it only shows the activity for the current day which isn't pertinent to this scenario which occurred last Friday and Saturday May 30 and 31. Is there a way they or I can pull those logs? I know for a fact this isn't a scenario caused by user error because the last updated date shows correctly as May 30th but the content in the notebook is from last November. Since last November I have committed 100's of changes and they have synced correctly every time. Why this chose to revert back to an arbitrary date last November I don't understand.
  10. I have a note that is constantly being updated every couple of days on my iphone EN app. Last Friday night I updated the content, synced it and closed the app. Saturday afternoon I went to open the app and to my surprise the content had reverted back to a state from mid Nov. 2013. The date on the note showed it was last updated the night before (Friday) which was accurate but the content was from the previous November. I closed the app and logged in through a browser and found the same thing. I restarted the phone and checked for updates on the app to no avail. I submitted a ticket and included the log but never received a response or a ticket number confirmation. So just to be clear the note did not disappear, the content just reverted back to last November. I frustrated that in 4 days no one from support has contacted me nor was I sent a ticket number to refer to. Can someone advise?
  11. This exact same thing happened to me, I have tried all of the troubleshooting listed above and submitted a support ticket on Saturday and now 4 days later haven't heard anything back. I will be discontinuing use of evernote and letting everyone I work with know that this is not a reliable service. It would be one thing at least someone from support contacted me.
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