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  1. I'm getting a runtime error each time I attempt to assign a note to a notebook. I'm 4 weeks into this with no resolution.
  2. Thank you for responding. I'm not sure of the version, but it is the latest I'm able to download. I've gone through four different help tickets and still no resolution.
  3. Yesterday my Notebooks displayed in the Left Panel suddenly appeared in non-alpha order. I am using the Evernote software on a ThinkPad, which I have used successfully for over one year and never had this happen before. I have logged out of my account, Quit Evernote from the hidden icon tab, even deleted the software from my computer and re-installed the program, but each time the Notebooks appear in a random order. I do not have this problem on the apps on my iPhone and iPad - the Notebooks are listed in alpha order, even after several syncs. Does anyone know how to restore them in alpha orde
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