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  1. I guess I'll have to look for a different app then, if Evernote aren't interested in adding this feature. Evernote does everything I need from this sort of app, apart from offering the option to remove checked items from lists. It's a simple option that I would expect any app that offers to-do lists to have, and I would like to be able to use Evernote for everything instead of having several different apps on my phone that together provide all the features that I need. I've seen some apps that have a button you tap to delete the checked items from a list, others that remove the checked items when you shake your phone. They still allow you to leave them in the list so you can see that they've been completed (which seems to be several peoples reason for NOT wanting the option to remove them), but when you do decide you want to remove them, you just shake the phone or click a button, and all checked items go from that note, rather than having to edit the note and remove each checked item individually. I know there are other apps that do this, but they don't have the synchronisation or the desktop features of Evernote, which is why I want to stick with Evernote. If they'd just add this one simple little feature, then it would do everything I need. It's also a little disappointing that some of the "evangelists" responses to this query are just along the lines of "use another app", or "well I don't want it to delete items from my lists", or "well I don't see the need for that feature so Evernote doesn't need it". Obviously some people do want this feature, otherwise I wouldn't have found this thread so quickly when I Googled, and despite the fact that Evernote is apparently not a to-do app, so I should use something else, it does advertise itself as being able to create to-do lists, but for some reason stops just short of the functionality I think most people would expect from a to-do list.
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