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  1. I just tested it and it works Thanks to everyone who contributed to get this fixed!
  2. Thanks for checking it again! That is exactly what I was trying to do: Create very complicated web-searches on a pay-website, where searching is possible for free, but looking at the detailed results requires to pay a fee. Then I go to the library where access to this website is free and just click the links of my pre-built searches. Which does not work... There is a workaround that is much simpler: Instead of clicking at the broken link, just COPY&PASTE it into the browser. Only the embedded link is broken, the content of the note itself is unchanged! I still hope they can fix it soon! Thanks for your help!
  3. The link in general works after it is corrupted. I mean, I can click on the link, the browser opens and the URL is shown in the browser's address line. Corrupted or not. But after the link is corrupted, it doesn't work anymore as expected, because the web-application can't access the parameters that are now "hidden" behind the wrong "&" signs. Different hardware. Right now, I write from a Dell Latitude E6430 notebook running Windows 8, using Evernote 5.5.2 (272142) prerelease. But the very same issue also appears on my 5 years old Samsung N140 netbook running Windows XP, using Evernote (271962) Public and the Google Chrome browser. And also on my newly installed Dell Desktop Computer with Windows 8.1, using Evernote (271962) Public and the Firefox Browser With these very different hard- and software settings and the old forum-thread from 2012, which I linked before ( https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25083-problem-urls-in-the-note-body/?p=290148 ), this looks like a very generic bug!
  4. Hmm, I think something went wrong in my Evernote... Again... After playing around with URLs in the Windows-client, I wanted to find out what happens in the Evernote-Web-Client. And now I cannot change the note that contains (or even contained) such URLs at all. Every time I change something in such a note, and leave the note, all changes are lost. When I return to the note, it looks as before the changes... All the "other" notes can still be changed... In the Windows client, I can still change the notes, but not in the web client! Back to the topic: Actually, on an HTML-webpage it is the correct behaviour to write an ampersand inside a link as & ONCE! But not repeatedly. And NOT in a windows client that does not correctly change the & back to & before calling a link...
  5. I just downloaded and installed Evernote 5.5.2 (272142) prerelease (using Windows 8 and the Firefox web browser) in the hope that the error is fixed. But no luck there. The problem still occurs. Here, once more, the problem description: I enter (or copy and paste) a URL that contains several parameters (that are separated by an ampersand) into a note. For example: http: // www.test.com?p1=test1&p2=test2 When I press Enter, Evernote creates a link that opens when I click the URL. If I look in the browser's address line, the link is correct. Then I click on another note and immediately return to my note with the URL. The URL looks just the same as before, but the LINK that is embedded does not work anymore: When I click on the URL now, the browser shows in its address line the URL, but the &-sign has changed to & and the URL with the parameters does not work anymore. If I again make any changes to that note (no matter where), leave the note by clicking on another note, and re-open it again, the embedded link get's more corrupted everytime, as now, the &-sign is again replaced by &. Again, the URL looks correct, but the embedded link that is opened when I click on the URL is not working. In the browser's address line, the URL now looks like this: http: // www.test.com?p1?test&p2=test2 P.S.: I added spaces around the slashes in the URLs, otherwise the forum software would generate a link, which I don't want in this case.
  6. A short update: The support team could not figure out what happened and I ran out of patience, so I completely uninstalled Evernote from my computer, deleted all remaining files, and installed it again from scratch. Now it seems to work fine again. No more errors in the log files. I hope these problems will not occur again! Thanks to everone for your support!
  7. Oh, another thread with the same issue. I have the same problem and described it in an older thread that came up first in my Google search: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25083-problem-urls-in-the-note-body/?p=290148
  8. On my Windows 8 system, the logs of about the last 2 weeks are stored in my user directory in the following path: c:\Users\XXXXUSERNAMEXXXX\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Logs\ You mentioned only an app on the iPhone, so I don't know if this helps...
  9. Thanks for your help! Just to keep you updated: I was contacted by the support team. With the temporary Premium status, I checked the Note history, but no luck there. Only older information is stored there, not the most recent stuff I was working on I sent the complete log files to the support team and hopefully we will find out what happened.
  10. I just found out that there is a log-file where Evernote keeps track of what it is doing. And I found an error there: The last "Updated"-date of my "lost" note is "01.06.2014 21:37", and one minute later, the errors start: (from "AppLog_2014-06-01.txt"): Most interesting is the fact that these lines just appear in the log without any synchronization start log before! Actually, ther was never a synchronization that took place at "01.06.2014 21:37". Some minutes later, a new sync starts: and here, the note that I talk about is mentioned by name (here: XXX instead of the real name and instead of parts of the GUID): so it seems that the update went through up to 100%, but then something went wrong. If the "100%" is only the "percentage uploaded" and the following single "commit" failed, then, probably nothing is written to the database. The most shocking is the line that follows: We have an error, but Evernote thinks everything is ok and the synchronization is "complete"! Afterwards, the "Commit failed" log-line with the "CANT_UPDATE_ATTRS_TABLE" error appears more or less at random in the logfile for the following days. Not even during a synchronization! And suddenly, two days later in the late afternoon (03.06.2014 15:21:07), the error message appears for one last time. This was some hours before I realized that my note had reverted to the state of "01.06.2014 21:37".
  11. I am sorry to hear that you lost several month of data. When this happened to me, it was "only" a few days which already felt horrible... You wrote in "my" thread that the "exact same thing" happened to you. But there is a small difference: When my note reverted back to an old state, it even showed the old date, so I knew exactly how much of my work was lost. This doesn't really help you, I just wanted to point out that Evernote seems to have several different problems here Good luck with the support! I hope we can get our notes back.
  12. I also have several backups of almost all my data in more than two different locations just in case anything happens. But it is not practical (or not even possible) to make backups to several physical locations every day (I use external hard drives that are not connected to anything when I don't use them). Therefore, I use cloud based services like Evernote, Dropbox, or Google to have cloud-based backups for the stuff I am working on. A friend recommended me to install the Evernote-Database into a Dropbox folder, so I could have used the Dropbox file history to recover my lost notes, but I guess this will bring other problems, especially when I start again to use more than one computer: When Evernotes synchronizes AND Dropbox synchronizes the SAME folder, failures are most likely going to happen. I got my support ticket only one day ago, but this already feels like a very long time... I am currently not touching my Evernote and hope they can recover something when they look into it. My ticket number ist "Ticket# 556017". Is there any way to add this thread in the forum to my support ticket? Thanks for your help so far!
  13. Yes, I checked the "conflicted changes" folder, it is empty. I even opened the Evernote Database-folder in the file-system and searched through the contents of the database stored there, but no luck. Nothing of the things I entered the last days appeared in any of the files. Sorry to hear that this happened to you, too. "Not a confidence building expierience" is true! When I could not find my important notes I was confused at first ("didn't I put my notes here?"), then started searching through all my notes and started to panic. Finally, I realized that all my work is lost. I have been working with Evernote for several years now and used to love it, but now? I am not sure whether I will continue using it. Every time I saw the "synchronization complete" pop-up, I was confident that all my data is securely stored and backed up somewhere in the cloud, but this trust is lost. Maybe the support-team can help when they answer to my support ticket, but I am not really confident that they can help.
  14. Hi, I just ran into a big problem: One of my notes just reverted back to last weeks state and all information I entered the last days is gone! The shown date/time of the last update is the June 1st, but I entered new information some hours ago. Now it's gone! My Windows-Client is configured to synchronize automatically every 30 minutes, which it said it did. I also have an Android phone, but did not use Evernote on it the last days, and it doesn't sync automatically. All other notes work well and have synced automatically and also show correctly on the Evernote-website. Just the one note I was using for most of my work in the last 2 days is suddenly reverted to the old state Is there any way I could recover the lost data? Hope for your help! Thanks!
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