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  1. Well, I'm saving them, and since I've already done a once-thru of everything about evernote, I figure I will need about 100 good tips before I know it all ... ?
  2. Yeah, as in Knights Templar. Uh! Je suis mauvais! OH! You don't get the joke. Sorry.
  3. Yeah, as in Knights Templar. Uh! Je suis mauvais!
  4. Well that's crossing the line. I say take the 80/20 approach and just stick plain text markdown in there for safekeeping (and organization) or keep your note formatting simple using the in-board. I'm onto the secret now - and this is it. Until (probably) hell freezes over.
  5. HEY! A product like Notepad++ offers a ton of editing features that does not even show up in the text. Just the ability to move lines or sections up and down makes it a spoiler for list work. A split screen for stereo editing, syncro-comparison, a document map for crissakes! OOBA JOOBA! Hey - no fancy work. This can be automated in a buzz light year split fraction of a second. Just open Notepad++ with your fav plugins and have it sitting there. Cut the text out of EN, and paste it over there. When you're done, cut and paste it back. YOU make a great automation instrument when the workflow is this easy. (And did I mention markdown with preview?) It's all OOBA JOOBA! Don't ever let the 99.9% tell you "no."
  6. Hmm. Maybe someone here can confirm if it's something fancy. Never seen that before, have you? Sounds interesting, but, why would you want that instead of clip? "How you feel about a note" is nebulosity at its finest...!
  7. Well, this one confused me as to why one would need a PDF to mark up what is evidently only an IMAGE - which you can simply capture and annotate (<Win+Printscreen>). It's a conceptual challenge as to why you would want to do that or when. It's basically no different than any screen clip - seems. Yes?
  8. Wow! Well, brave new world. I'm glad to find a consensus that there is a solution to this persistent weakness of wheezy or no markup. I'm looking forward to reading up more and hoping to join ranks. TIA!
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