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  1. The reboot seems to have fixed the problem. For some reason I lost the preview picture on the doc that I was working on when I first had the problem (shows as the Adobe symbol). Very strange but working! thanks everyone
  2. Hi there. My Evernote for Mac just updated and now my preview screen is not working as it should. I single click on the note and about a minute later teh doc becomes visible. This will make the program about useless for me. The sad part is that I was just going to convert my whole office to using this...but not if this is normal. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. We ordered a new Scanner when Evernote tech support and I determined the first one we got wouldn't connect wirelessly. New scanner has exact same issue. Scanner works fine via USB. Whne it connects to our network it then becomes invisible to my Macbook. Only works connected. Scansnap application keeps shutting itself down once scanner is connected to the network. Nice bright green light with an active good IP. When I run diag, application says connection to the wan is fine. I ran through all of the usual install, un-install, stood on my head, aluminum foil hats and cursing but none of those worked. Is it possible that the scanner just isn't going to work wirelessly with my computer? BTW OSX 10.8.5
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