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  1. "Import folder" was the keyword I needed to find several threads on this topic. Thank you very much. Addtionally, I have discovered (as per comments above and experience) that only txt documents can be imported. While this accomplishes the bulk of my task now I'm becoming spoiled and would like to retain formatting. Because this is a (shhhh) non-work purpose being done on a work machine I would like to not install the ENScript exe. Perhaps now the answer is "stop being spoiled", which I accept. =)
  2. While not exactly the same application I think what I'm looking for would best be understood if I said I wanted to use Evernote to create a new note for each contact in a list. The list, which can be in whatever text editor is easiest, call it Microsoft Word, would contain something like the following: Bob NoName Account executive This guy is really cool and helpful. Phone number: 555-1212 Address: 1234 Peanut Lane email: bnoname@somemail.com Sarah NoName Accountant Smelled aweful. Phone number: 555-1213 Address: 1234 Walnut Drive email: Whatever automation I would use would identify Bob and Sarah as separate records, use Bob and Sarah as a header for the note and put the notes into the same notebook. It would be fancy if i could even specify somewhere tags that can be applied by record but that's not terribly imporatant. I'm familiar with Visual Basic programming and (shudder) FoxPro. My problem is just not knowing where to start. If there is any documentation, technical or otherwise, or another link or some big neon sign saying "look at me, dummy" that I'm missing please feel free to redirect me. Thanks, Randy
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