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  1. I'm appreciating the ideas here. Adding a date somewhere in the title might work, but sometimes I need to be able to move due dates around. Instead of pulling up a calendar and assigning that note a date, I'd have to rename the note. And, using a calendar with day-of-week visible also helps me map out what I have coming up. It is a solution, but not one that would work for me. I realize it might not be how everyone organizes their work, but at due date is something that I would find very useful. And even though I have tried to readjust how I file these things, that's the aspect that I keep coming back to. Since they already have a calendar functionality with reminders, I was hoping they might be able to add "due date" as well.
  2. Thanks all. I am using "reminders" as a work-around for this, but I really am hoping that Evernote will add a "due date" option. As a writer, I have things that I want to attached to deadlines. And the reminder list sorts by reminder date but it doesn't sort the entire notebook. It's a picky thing but it would really help me. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. One of the things I need Evernote for is keeping track of the books I am reviewing. While I use the "reminders" feature to help me plan out my review schedule, I really need a "due date" option. A reminder should remind me that something is coming due soon. The due date (obviously optional) would set a deadline for that item/task. Most importantly (for me) would then be the ability to see my notebook sorted by due date. Right now that's not an option and the only way to work around it is to use the reminders check list and as it to sort by reminder date. For my purposes, it's clunky. Which is so very unlike all the other slick things Evernote can do.
  4. Sorry, but I cannot find a "sort by due date" function. I am using the web version. I want to be able to sort my list by what is coming due, not by the date I created the item.
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