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  1. OK I broke down and used the chat contact feature, and I must say that the experience was better than other times I have done this (with other vendors). I am sharing the solution in case others come across this problem, which seems to be caused by security at my workplace. We determined that if I shared with gmail accounts, the invitations would be received. The evernote technician assured me that if my coworker: 1. Logged in to her "work" evernote account, i.e. the one she set up using her work e-mail address, and then 2. Retrieved an invitation that I sent to her personal gmail account, she would get the folder in her "work" account. It is a little confusing as my evernote still shows that I am sharing with her personal account, not her work account - but that is a minor thing. We did get it to work. I guess one other thing I learned is - use the Chat to connect with support.
  2. Thank you. In case it matters, I tried the other clients at my disposal today - Mac client, web interface, and iPad. Invitations still not received. I am in a different network environment today too, of course. While not conclusive, the evidence is leaning towards this being an Evernote problem rather than a local technology problem. But still no response from support. I hate to sound so grumpy but i have wasted most of this workweek on this problem. I can't recall the last time I felt so frustrated with a tool that I rely on so much. I had wanted my whole team to use Evernote ... this was a trial run. I am not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about proceeding.
  3. Yes, meant to do that in the above but forgot. Here is the ticket #: 540889
  4. Thank you all for your responses. I still have heard nothing back from Support. Today I am on my Mac; I will try again from there and see what happens. (I use a PC at work, Mac at home. I usually work from home 1 or 2 days a week if I can. This is one reason I have come to rely on Evernote and want the others on my team to use as well.) I was using the Windows client, not the web interface. I will also try the web interface today. I hadn't thought to try that at work, as I very rarely use the web interface. I also have an iPad and I think I can send an invitation from there; not sure, but I will look into it. I hadn't really considered that this might be a client issue but it is worth trying. Can anybody think of a reason why support would not contact me? This seems odd, almost 72 hours now .... I do not like to use Chat. I have had bad experiences with user support with Chat in the past (other places, not Evernote). I avoid it if I can. If I get past lunch time here with no resolution I will try it.
  5. Thank you. I sent my first request at about 12:30 ET on Tuesday. It is now about 2 PM ET on Thursday. I.e. It has now been over 48 hours - still nothing. How much longer should I expect to wait, and what are my next steps if I still hear nothing? Is this typical? I have never contacted Evernote support before.
  6. I have put in two support tickets, almost 48 hours has elapsed now and support has not responded to me other than the automated message saying that they would contact me within 1 business day. I am a premium user, I thought I was supposed to get a response back within 24 hours? In any case I am trying to share some notebooks with a co-worker. Out of about 6 or 7 notebooks, she got only one e-mail notification. I've tried everything - removing her from notebooks, adding her back in, sending new e-mail links - nothing works. The emails are not going into her spam, either - they just aren't coming. Is there any other way that we can retrieve the invitations? Is there any way I can encourage support to contact me? I am stalled on several projects because of this, and growing increasingly disenchanted with the product. Or more accurately, the inability to get help. I can tolerate a lot of usability issues and even bugs, as long as there is responsive support. I have already invested a lot in Evernote - I've scanned my whole life into it, both work and personal, I've bought the Moleskine notebooks, a jotnote pen to work with Penultimate, I've set up a huge number of templates for everything from project planning to meeting & event planning to meal planning and templates to assist me with college visits I am making with my daughter. I've told many, many people how awesome Evernote is - and now I am wondering if I did the right thing. I am very disappointed at the lack of support.
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