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  1. You seem to think because you think Apple products and Windows OS are inferior that that's a fact. Well guess what? It's not a fact & simply your opinion. Each has their own pros & cons as does Linux. WRT Evernote, you can always use the web client. Would you settle for the web client? Isnt the fact that this topic has been hashed and re hashed so many times generally point towards there being public interest? I understand that they have said "NO" they are not doing one and we realise that you personally cannot do anything about that however..... Isn't expressing our interest to them either directly or in the forums the best way to get our views across? Customer feedback? If we just simply say nothing then that confirms that "No linux client" was a good decision. I imagine converting their "FREE" members to "PREMIUM" would be high on their priority list and creating a linux client would be as good way to do that.
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