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  1. Same thing I've done for months . . . at work, during a break or lunch, I save links to view later. All within the same note, all in Chrome (unchanged) on both ends. When the note gets big enough, I save/rename it to archival name. And start a new note. Now, for each link clicked on http://www.vice.com/en_se/video/iceman . . . I see a (clearly Evernote design, not a Windows message) note saying I'm leaving Evernote and asking me to confirm. Based on the form of that notice . . . I can't imagine anything other than a change in the web version can be responsible. Th
  2. (On the web version) I've hated the "Edit | Remove" flyover since I first encountered it. I wish I could make it go away. Now you've added something new to make life even more unpleasant. If I save a list of links to review later, now for EACH LINK I get the warning "You are Leaving Evernote, are you sure?" That HAS to go. (And no, I can't use the client version. #1 because it leaves me with too many orphaned unsynced files (which the web version has no problem with) as I move between home and work, and #2 it fails at the office pc sometimes with Microsoft Outlook installed.)
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