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  1. Same thing I've done for months . . . at work, during a break or lunch, I save links to view later. All within the same note, all in Chrome (unchanged) on both ends. When the note gets big enough, I save/rename it to archival name. And start a new note. Now, for each link clicked on http://www.vice.com/en_se/video/iceman . . . I see a (clearly Evernote design, not a Windows message) note saying I'm leaving Evernote and asking me to confirm. Based on the form of that notice . . . I can't imagine anything other than a change in the web version can be responsible. Thanks,
  2. (On the web version) I've hated the "Edit | Remove" flyover since I first encountered it. I wish I could make it go away. Now you've added something new to make life even more unpleasant. If I save a list of links to review later, now for EACH LINK I get the warning "You are Leaving Evernote, are you sure?" That HAS to go. (And no, I can't use the client version. #1 because it leaves me with too many orphaned unsynced files (which the web version has no problem with) as I move between home and work, and #2 it fails at the office pc sometimes with Microsoft Outlook installed.) HOW CAN I TURN OFF THE "LEAVING EVERNOTE" WARNING???
  3. Posted previously (Aug 2014) . . . tried a few updates, but Stand Alone client at office where I have Win 7.1 and Outlook and Lync . . . locked up Not Responding, so have been using Web Client at work since then. (Never had a problem with Windows 7.1 at home, but no Outlook there.) New laptop now (June 2015), still Windows 7.1, still Outlook, Skype for Business instead of Lync . . . saw Evernote release, decided to try it again . . . An hour yesterday, two hours today. No lockups. No "Not Responding". Don't know if it was flipping Lync to Skype, or the upgraded Evernote client, either way . . . the conflict seems to be resolved. Nice to be using the client both at Home, and now finally, at Work. Thanks, and good luck to everyone else. jkh
  4. A thousand blessings on you and all your descendants . . .
  5. But it sounds like you at least have Outlook "installed" (which installs more *.DLL's and . . . could be conflicting). At home (where 5.6.4 works for me) I don't even have Microsoft Office or Outlook installed. At work (where it freezes) I have them installed. I know . . . that doesn't prove it one way or the other. But . . . just having it installed (and overwriting shared/common DLL's . . . ) could be an issue. I still away a magical fix (and continue to use the Web version at work). Really, for what I use it for, other than the Backups (which I do at home) . . . the Web version is all I need at work. Good luck to you . . .
  6. (Original poster again) 2014.08.28 Today's version 5.6.4 Still no joy . . . Installed at home (Win 7 64bit - no Outlook) came up fine . . . At Work, exited Outlook, installed 5.6.4, reopened Outlook, . . . Evernote Client froze on initial opening. Again, it could be Lync, but Outlook or Lync (or some part of the Office 2013 package that's serviced/running all the time) . . . seems to be the killer. Web . . . still works great.
  7. Original poster again (2014.08.08). Noticed new update at home, installed . . . at home (where Client has always worked on Windows 7 64bit with Thunderbird . . .) works great. So tried it at work (Windows 7 64bit with Outlook 2013/Lync . . .) still fails. Install loaded easy enough. Started Evernote. Started Outlook. Updated from central server to Client. I entered a line or two to an existing note. After about 15 minutes of doing other things, came back to Evernote . . . goes dull-white "Not Responding." Closed not-responding program. Went back to Web version, the two sentences I entered via StandAlone Client didn't update through. So . . . with Outlook 2013 . . . Web client through Chrome works great. Stand alone executable Client Evernote_5.5.3_4236.exe from desktop . . . still goes Not Responding after a few minutes (approximately at the first outbound update.) Maybe a future update will resolve the issue with Outlook/Lync. (I only mention Lync, since it came with the entire Microsoft 2013 package and is running all the time. Testing indicates Outlook seems to be the real conflict.)
  8. Agree that the problem seems to be related to Outlook. don't see the problem with Outlook not running. I have reported the same thing on various threads over the past year and like you say, EN support doesn't care / doesn't acknowledge. This problem makes EN Windows basically worthless so you would think they would take it seriously but it's obvious that Windows is not the primary environment for developers at EN and they certainly don't use outlook so their ignorance of this overwhelmingly common user configuration is no surprise. (Original poster again) Well . . . as I use Thunderbird at home . . . Windows 7 isn't useless here. Just at work. EN made several responses, had me send them logs. Escalated it to the dev's . . . Last word was . . . yes, its an Outlook-EN conflict, they probably will have a fix in the next update but, that could be some time away. (In all fairness to them, that email came about TWO DAYS after their most recent client update so . . . I wouldn't expect one for a while.) I told them to close the issue, when I saw the client update at home (and knew there was a new version available) I'd try that at work and see if there was any change, and reopen if it still existed. So . . . sounded to me like they're working on something to fix it . . . I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt until next release. But, I'm not doubting your experience YMMV.
  9. Original poster updating . . . Did switch to Premium, just now filed a support ticket (from home computer, can't from here at work, that site is blocked.) Client works great (Windows 7) at home . . . hours on end, no issues. Client works great (Windows XP) on Dad's old computer . . . hours on end, no issues. WEB (Chrome) works great from work . . . hours on end, no issues. Android (Samsung Infuse 2 year old OS) Client works great. Always fully synced between those sites. Its . . . "Microsoft Outlook" on the work computer that seems to conflict with the Client on the work computer. I've removed/reinstalled the Client on the Work computer. I've backed up (at home via the client enex dump) . . . then cleared the Databases and LocalStorage dir's on the Work computer. Client worked for about 10 minutes then . . . Not Responding. The Work Computer is . . . owned by them of course, so Microsoft Outlook is mandatory. And part of the reason I'm using Evernote is . . . because they utilize OneNote and I wanted my Personal and Professional lives (electronically at least) separate. So if the Professional life ever goes "poof" . . . Evernote will keep on cruizing for me elsewhere. I'll file a problem ticket, but . . . since no one is leaping forward with "oh yeah, Outlook and Evernote don't mix, here's how you fix that . . ." in the forums, and I'm not finding that on Google Searches . . . I'm thinking its a hopeless conflict and nothing I can do. My only other thought (that might eliminate Outlook as the culprit) is . . . as I said, I can't file a support ticket from here. Site is blocked by routers. (Personal storage type sites are blocked.) I guess its "possible" that the freeze comes when Evernote goes to sync. But, this seems unlikely . . . because, nuking the Database/LocalStorage . . . Downloaded Just Fine. And I'd assume whatever site/IP address I'm downloading from . . . is the same one I Sync back to . . . so if the Download worked, then its not the company routing getting me. If I start Evernote (and use my phone for email) and try not to load Outlook on the company computer until I absolutely have to . . . Evernote runs until just about 10 minutes after Outlook is active. So . . . all indications are, Evernote + Microsoft Outlook (Outlook/Office 2013 on Windows 7) . . . sure seems to be the point of conflict. Likely then . . . Its "web only" at work. There will be no cure unless Evernote finds some way around the conflict. Thanks for those that responded. --- Updating the update (2014.06.18) . . . Filed problem ( 586897 ) sent logs. Don't see anything in the logs to indicate an error (other than access blocked to "Announcements" IP site . . . but that occurs some minutes before the Not Responding freeze occurs.) Yet another test . . . Outlook + Evernote seems to be the culprit. (I know . . . it works for others, and Evernote Tech email said it should work . . .) I saw this page . . . http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2817430 which mentions Microsoft disabling Evernote, if you have Win7 64bit SP1 (which I do). I removed the Evernote Add-In from Outlook . . . exited/reloaded Outlook. Loaded Evernote Client . . . Evernote Starts Up . . . Not Responding. Every test I perform seems to indicate . . . the conflict is Outlook (Or the OS preemptively killing Evernote, on Outlook's behalf, to keep Outlook running.) I sent the logs to Tech as requested . . . I await a response. --- 2014.06.19 update: Went through the entire Revo Uninstall and reinstall . . . whatever the conflict is, all indications point to either the Outlook installation on the work computer, or router (ip/port/protocol) blocking by the company. (Large Corporate networks block many sites like Dropbox and such . . . afraid you'll dump company secrets to any "Cloud" storage site.) The sync itself usually goes through, but then something else (announcements. . .) is blocking and everything goes Not Responding. So . . . I'll just use the Web Client (until they block that IP too) at work, and the Client elsewhere. I asked Tech Support to just close the issue. Its going to be unresolvable due to the limitations on my end. On the flip side . . . I am using Evernote more every day, for personal use. The Left-Right (Notebooks->Notes->Note) nature is far better than the main competitor. Too much "drill down" and "bubble up" to get anywhere with the product I'm required to use at the office. Thanks.
  10. I exited the non-responding, Closed the sync down in the right taskbar area. And reran the installer. (Yes, Outlook is on this computer, it required me close it to finish the install, so I suspect there is the collision.) Its working . . . for now. I guess my one remaining question. Several (in other forum entries) mention "turn off indexing". (You mean indexing inside Evernote? Because I don't see that in any option area.) --- (update) . . . nope, about 15mins later, brought it full screen from the task bar and . . . spinning circle. Its not-responding again. Guess I'll just stick to the web version.
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