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  1. Thanks Matt. I do enjoy the software and would/will use it more extensively as you improve your notifications functions apart from interfacing through other providers. In my instance, there is no viable workaround, leaving me with notes in two unrelated programs, EverNote being the secondary because of this issue. The "repeat" function is invaluable to my operations.
  2. Thanks Matt. Piling on more apps/software to accomplish such viable tool seems unnecessary? One would think EverNote could accomplish a repeat function given the current alarm already functions off a calendar? I do not need another calendar; however, the lack of the function reduces the appeal & functionality of EverNote when forced to move between programs. FYI - Cronofy does not work with Palm and Palm is my preferred primary: better performance & security. Your "notifications" are lacking.
  3. Having used and still using Palm's software for decades, I rely heavily on the ability to set alarms to repeat for the same dates on a monthly basis. These are quite useful in billings ... that recur same date, month after month. Adding this flexibility to Evernote would prove a major improvement, and is undoubtedly not that difficult given Palm has had that feature for decades! I cannot find a calendar option or app for Evernote Premium that does so? True, you can set an alarm for a note - one time. Palm, still heavily used by millions, with linkage/sync supported by CompanionLink make that software my go to for anything related to scheduling. I have referred your software to others, with several making the same remark when demonstrated. Why not with Evernote?? It would be my primary is so.
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