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  1. I've just been poking around and stumbled across the system option to allow turning off notifications for a particular app. On Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Evernote. Untick box at the top for "Show notifications". Simple enough to do, but not where I was expecting to have to make that change. Still would be better to have the option built into Evernote app. But for now I'm happy!
  2. I support being able to disable reminders on a per-device basis. In my case I use my mobile device (Android) to capture information (photos, business cards etc) for Evernote, but I don't want any reminders there as I use the desktop app for seeing what's coming up next for me to do. My phone is buzzing away all day with reminders and adding noise among other notifications that I really need, like text messages. It's actually reducing my productivity, as I always have to check the phone, which is a shame because Evernote has generally helped increased it in other ways. Please Evernote team, add this simple option to turn off reminder notifications.
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