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  1. TOTALLY AGREE!! I just want to cry when I look at Evernote...main issue is I just want to see my NOTEBOOKS...not every bit of info I put in...notes...like fingers on a chalkboard to me...I saw a tutorial where the notebooks appeared on the 'home page' -- any hints on how to do that?? Plus they were different colors...quick for me to see what I wanted to add too..
  2. Thank you - there were no extra steps on Springpad to do - that is why I continued to use to keep simple lists of movies to see, restaurants to go to...etc...they havebuilt an automatic export to Evernote...everything exported correctly EXCEPT movies...only got 1 -- funny...luckily there were only about a dozen and I can easily re-enter...hope Evernote picks up some of the Springpad people and incorporates a few of their best features!
  3. In Springpad I can add an item and if I say it is a movie it will bring me the movie from the web and display the picture and info...if I say it is a product it will look for the product based on what I type and do the same thing...I don't have to clip a URL...can I do that in Evernote? Thanks
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