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  1. I think I'm getting the hang of using Penultimate with my new Jot. It is OK but I have some niggles: The issue of occasional wrist marks is still plaguing me but I am learning to start writing before resting my hand on the screen and then keep writing so that the stylus remains the dominant contact. The speed of drift combined with a missed mark here and there leaves some stray dots and crosses without the rest of the i and t. This is discussed elsewhere in the forum and I can live with it. The thing that is driving me bats, and I'm sure there must be a setting I am missing, is the position of the carriage return button which sits on the right edge of the screen while you're in drift mode. It is either just to the right and below of the text or, worse underneath my wrist! How can I get this to fix to the top of the page so that I can actually reach it with the pen and without interrupting the flow of writing? I also want it in a position where the edge of my hand can't trigger an unwanted carriage return. Any ideas folks?
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