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  1. *User requested feature now available We have just released a new feature that many of you have been asking for. Now you can view the thumbnails of your notes right on the map and it is swipeable so you can seamlessly explore and share all of your notes and photo's at each location. We have also added thumbnails to the list view to make navigating your past notes at a place as beautiful as Evernote. Keep the feedback coming, we would love you hear how you use the app and how we can make your experience better. Feel free to email us at support@ideaplaces.com -Team IdeaPlaces Try the app
  2. We now been accepted in the the Evernote App Center and are extremely excited to be part of the 1/6 Featured Travel apps. We have also just reached Top 50 FREE in the US & Canada in the iOS AppStore and would love your support with a download. This is really exciting news and can't wait to keep on continuously improving the product. Ways to get the iOS app (worldwide): 1. http://ideaplaces.com/download 2. Search "Ideaplaces" in the Apple app store.
  3. We have also added a new update based on the amazing feedback from our testers and the Evernote dev team. Create Notebooks during the note creation processCreate Tags during the note creation processSet location reminder radius in settings (V1)Edit all of the notes created inside IdeaPlaces within IdeaPlaceBig battery life improvement Once again feel free to email us at signup@ideaplaces.com for any feedback or to become an active tester. We are also hoping very soon to be included in the Evernote App Center to be able to participate late in the Dev Cup this year.We would love anyone who loves the app to nominate us here: https://platformawards.evernote.com/ (https://platformawards.evernote.com/)
  4. We have thought extremely hard about this and believe that the context in which you take note is very important. We started by giving you a complete control of your location in Evernote, "your external brain". In IdeaPlaces you can create/search/name your places. Move notes from one place to another.Create notes at your current location or a remote one and many more. Based on what we can do with places, after we perfect the experience, adding other contextual elements like the weather is simple. Now that devices that we wear and that surround us in our daily lives have the ability to broadcast we will, in the future, be able to provide a rich amount of context and reduce the amount of time it takes to add it. This will allow people to focus on what matters for them... the content. We really hope to be able to deliver this to you in the future and are super excited to build this. Thanks for the support and feedback elphmorgan. Contact us anytime.
  5. Hey blackcows, We are thinking about this as a use case for our third-party iOS app called IdeaPlaces. It allows you to create places on a map and add notes to them. When you are on your trip you can then look at the place you are heading and pull up anything you add to the note. We have a few users doing this now and would love to see if there is a way to improve it for your use case. One other thing we will be working on to make it better for your use case is an offline mode so that you don't need to have internet on your mobile phone to access these notes. Anyone please feel free to email us at signup@ideaplaces.com and we would love to give you access and take in any feedback at all. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Evernote Power user & creator of IdeaPlaces: A new way to explore and use Evernote iOS app discussion & beta: https://discussion.e...d-use-evernote/
  6. Barcodes and even QR code can be a really great way to pull in a large amount of information very quickly and make it easily searchable. As input will need to become much more frequent and quicker we need to find ways to add information with much less input and scanning barcodes is just one example. I am for having this instantly detected with any photo as it would not add any clutter to the note taking process and simply allow more data to be included in the note. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evernote Power user & creator of IdeaPlaces: A new way to explore and use Evernote iOS app discussion & beta: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60737-ideaplaces-a-new-way-to-explore-and-use-evernote/
  7. Hello Evernote users! Announcement: We are excited to be featured in the Evernote AppCenter Travel section and Top #50 Productivity in the US & Canadian iOS AppStores. Ways to get the iOS app worldwide: 1. http://ideaplaces.com/download 2. Search "Ideaplaces" in the Apple app store. We have been working incredibly hard to build a new iOS app called IdeaPlaces. It provides a new way to use Evernote by linking your notes to locations on a map and providing a way to explore them visually. As Evernote users ourselves we really believe that one of the most valuable things in the Evernote experience is context. With each thought written down, to-do created or photo taken, we believe there is tremendous value in showing contextual information around anything created. Also, we have worked hard to facilitate the sharing of notes and context in the most seamless way possible, during the note creation process. App summary and why it matters to Evernote users: http://blog.ideaplaces.com/ideaplaces-app-a-new-way-to-experience-evernote-around-places/ ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Here are screenshots and explanations of the features to give you a good idea of how it works. Visualization of notes After you link your Evernote account to IdeaPlaces your notes are sync'd and you can view all of them from points on a map. This allows you to explore all of the notes you have that contain location meta data. You can even create places and attach notes to them. By doing this, any note added to a place will then have the location meta data of that place. We have integrated with two main API's: Foursquare and Google Places. Ability to create robust notes quickly. Sharing integrated in the process. We have realized that creating notes from your phone has to be simple or users simply wont take notes from their device. This is why we worked hard on creating an incredibly fast way to create notes. Right from the visual map screen you can tap on the create note icon or wave the phone on any screen to start the note creation process. The note creation process allows you to add and edit the following: Title Location (pre-input & editable) Users to share the note with (text or email) Standard text Photo's (multiple sizes) Notebooks (including shared notebooks) Tags Location-based reminders To-do based notes and shopping reminders are easy to forget, but with location based reminders we are hoping to make them a thing of the past. In the note creation process simply set the location and tap reminder to make sure you get notified the next time you are in a 75m radius. Location enhanced notes Understanding the context of the note while you are actually viewing the note is important for you or anyone you share the note with. This is why we have enhanced all of the notes viewed or shared within the app with both google map and street view. These images link directly into google maps and provide an easy way to get back into IdeaPlaces. Feedback and beta testers We are looking for passionate users of Evernote like us to test our application and help us with feedback. If you would like to help this app evolve into a truly amazing Evernote experience we would love your help. Here is our contact email to request a free coupon code or become an active tester on Testflight. signup@ideaplaces.com http://www.ideaplaces.com Download the app on the iOS app store now! We are actively developing the application and can guarantee a response within a few hours. We are still in the early stages of this app and believe that it can have a tremendous impact on the way that users use Evernote now and in the future. We can't wait to see what this will become! Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions post below! Thanks
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