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  1. That's really TOO BAD. There must be a fix for this...
  2. Hello, Even though Evernote made changes to the noreply address, whenever I share a note by email, it goes straight into the person's junk folder. this is super embarrassing and I used to love this feature. What can I do to fix this. It's truly a great feature and I find it super unfortunate that it does that. I don't want to use work chat as not everyone I correspond with use Evernote. Merci.
  3. No problem emailing a note from my iPhone. The process is the same as before Work Chat existed: Tap the three dots Select "share" Select Email Select a recipient Add any additional text tap Send Thank you. The 3 dots ... one had to know, but the "share" icon at the top is more intuitive, and with that you can only use Work Chat. I still BEG beg beg you to please put work chat on a secondary menu, especially on the desktop app. If you search "hate work chat evernote" on google, you will see how few people like it. Oh well. But thanks for solving my problem in the meantime. Katherine
  4. Work chat is the very worst addition. I loved just emailing a note with my right hand click. Had to email a cliet in LA and could only do it thought work chat on my iPhone. The person didn't know where to go read it. Hate hate hate workl chat. Please save us form the work chat mess. Please.
  5. I ABSOLUTELY agree. I never write on forums but this upgrade is so bad I have to. The absolute worst is work chat. obliging us to use it to share some notes. HURRY UP before you lose users who LOVED your app.
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