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  1. Hi all, The only thing that absolutely resolved this issue: changing my hard disk drive with a SSD! I read a few posts on it (in this topic) and I didn't think it would help. After a few years dealing with the dreaded "non responding" message, I've decided to give my computer a boost. No more Evernote freeze, it's fast as lightning!!! really it solved the problem. I was almost searching for an alternative. Now Evernote is really great (and every other software too) Best regards
  2. Hi all... Quite surprisingly, it's been a week since I don't have the problem anymore!!! No more lagging on startup though sometimes it takes around a minute or two but much less than before... It(s just much faster... I didn't change version (Evernote for Windows GA). The only thing I remember doing was to optimize the memory on my Win7 computer by using different tweaks found on the web (sorry the webpage I used is in french): http://www.tplpc.com/optimiser-memoire-vive-windows-7-01670.html My PC is: Win 7 Pro Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.93 GHz 4 Go RAM 32 bits So maybe it's a memor
  3. Hi everybody, This is getting ridiculous... I have the same problem on my Win7 computer, latest public version of EN and "not responding" permanently: at startup, everytime I edit a photo or webclipper note, everytime I empty the trash... The CPU use is almost 100% during this time. I just can't use it normally anymore. And I just don't understand how come Evernote is not taking this problem seriously and try to smash it once and for all! I'm just hoping at every release that this problem is solved and no... always the same since at least one year! And by the way, I'm a Premium paying cu
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