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  1. I've been using evernote to manage projects for a while but it's been more of a task collector, project queue than really a manager for me. We're moving to EN business and I'm going to start doing all of our developer communication through shared notes and work chat (instead of emailing and hangout chats). I only have two project notebooks, Pending Items and Completed Items. Everything else is done via tagging. A project will have a tag for its priority (1-5), it's status (Not Scheduled, In Progress, Needs Testing, etc..), and the developers/testers attached to it. Right now it's just for me and I track everything through it and then share out notes with project details (read only). The plan is to get everyone a business seat and then I can collaboratively share out a note and we can update the project note as we move through the process. I can assign developers, they can update or ask questions, i can respond, testing feedack. All within that projects Note. The only thing I'm unsure of is the sharing and organization of my notes. I watched some videos and read some blogs about EN project management and most people seem to be using folders. They create a note and drop it into someone's folder and that person drops it back into the test folder, then it gets moved to the completed folder, etc.. The Note moves around from notebook to notebook. As a manager this doesn't really work for me. I need to be able to see a listing of all pending projects, all the projects a specific developer has, all projects in testing, all projects that were completed in January, etc., etc.. Thus, the tagging. Projects have multiple tags. Does EN business allow me to share out a Tag? Basically give someone access to a Tag and all notes that have that tag? That way I can keep my Notes in my Pending Projects notebook. Then I can add a developers name tag and he now has access to that item. I can add a testers name tag and he has access. When someone is done with something I can remove their tag and they no longer have access. It also allows me to have a Note in two places. I may have a developer and tester working back and forth, simultaneously on a project and I'm monitoring it. I don't want the note getting dropped back and forth because nobody really owns it. So basically, can I share out notes with a specific tag? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.
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