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  1. I was looking at Slack but it seemed very similar to HipChat. What differentiates it?
  2. I have looked at JIRA and the problem with JIRA is that it's too complex. I don't mean it's difficult to learn, there's just too much maintenance to keep things going. We do a lot of rapid app development and small projects/tasks and these larger project management apps built for project management just create a barrier to get things done for us. If I'm spending two or three hours a day keeping my system up to date it's hurting me. Evernote work because it's super simple. Free form text areas with lots of tagging, I tag everything. And that's just me. Trying to get my developers to update a complex system with every change they're making is just untenable. I want their system to be so simple that it's not a burden and barely takes a moment away from their production time. What I'm really looking for is something in the middle. Evernote would actually be perfect if I could just have more control over sharing (Sharing via Tag or even via Note without requiring Work Chat) or some kind of forms/message template that could easily be attached to a Note automatically. Right now we're probably going to test a project or two with the Evernote/Zapier/HipChat strategy above unless I can find something better without being as robust but time draining as a full project manager like JIRA. I've seen Trello around but never really taken a look at it. I'll take a peek. Thanks.
  3. I run a development team and we've tried a few different project tracking systems. Currently we're using evernote. Actually it's just me using evernote to track our projects, assign tasks, and keep a handle on the dev schedule. We need to expand this so that our entire team is able to communicate and work within the system. Evernote works for keeping a queue of my projects, updating major enhancements, testing results, posting details, etc.. However, it doesn't provide a good way for daily communication about a project to get archived. We were considering a possible Evernote/HipChat/Zapier solution but it's still a little lacking. The plan is to... 1. Create project in Evernote, type in all the details, scope, team members, arvhice the spec. 2. Create a room in HipChat for the project. 3. Share this Note out to everyone, read only 4. All communication about this project form this point on happens in the HipChat Room 5 Create a Zapier that updates our Evernote with all hipChat messages (this works great) 6. When a project is completed we archive the HipChat room and move our Note to the Completed Projects Notebook So this is a decent plan but we have a lot of small projects and it will take a lot of work for me to keep a system like this up and running. It needs to be really simple for the project team and nothing is simpler than hipchat interface and simple updating/file sharing right in there. But the set up of each and every project is where I'm having a problem. I was hoping when I created a new EN Note with a specific Tag (Project) that I could use that as a Zapier trigger to create a new HipChat room. There is no HipChat action in Zapier (or IFTTT) that allow you to create a New room, only add messages to an existing room or update a Room Topic. Also there are no triggers to close a room when I change a Note tag or change a Note tag when I Archive a room. So while my system will work it's very manual. I tried looking at Work Chat but the problem with work chat is that it's a huge all or nothing chat window. I need a stand alone communication sandbox for each project. So I would need a chat thread for each project. Work Chat is one giant thread. I can't have a huge chat thread where all projects are being communicated about at once. I can't just share out the notes because EN doesn't really fit our scheme that way either. I can share out a Notebook but not a specific Note, or even better a specific Tag. I wish when I entered a developers tag to a Note it was then shared to him. But the only way to do that is share it through Work Chat and then every time he wants to edit he has to go through his giant Work chat thread and find it to click on it and update. So the system kind of works but I'm missing a few automated connections in Zapier/IFTTT that would make this really work for me and Work Chat, while I'm sure it's useful for many people, doesn't really give me the granular support I need for in-project communication. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Tools that would allow me to attach some kind of ongoing chat tool/app to each Note/Project and arvhive it in the Note when done. Or a client that allows actions to set up a Room type area for communication from a Zapier/IFTTT trigger?
  4. I've been using evernote to manage projects for a while but it's been more of a task collector, project queue than really a manager for me. We're moving to EN business and I'm going to start doing all of our developer communication through shared notes and work chat (instead of emailing and hangout chats). I only have two project notebooks, Pending Items and Completed Items. Everything else is done via tagging. A project will have a tag for its priority (1-5), it's status (Not Scheduled, In Progress, Needs Testing, etc..), and the developers/testers attached to it. Right now it's just for me and I track everything through it and then share out notes with project details (read only). The plan is to get everyone a business seat and then I can collaboratively share out a note and we can update the project note as we move through the process. I can assign developers, they can update or ask questions, i can respond, testing feedack. All within that projects Note. The only thing I'm unsure of is the sharing and organization of my notes. I watched some videos and read some blogs about EN project management and most people seem to be using folders. They create a note and drop it into someone's folder and that person drops it back into the test folder, then it gets moved to the completed folder, etc.. The Note moves around from notebook to notebook. As a manager this doesn't really work for me. I need to be able to see a listing of all pending projects, all the projects a specific developer has, all projects in testing, all projects that were completed in January, etc., etc.. Thus, the tagging. Projects have multiple tags. Does EN business allow me to share out a Tag? Basically give someone access to a Tag and all notes that have that tag? That way I can keep my Notes in my Pending Projects notebook. Then I can add a developers name tag and he now has access to that item. I can add a testers name tag and he has access. When someone is done with something I can remove their tag and they no longer have access. It also allows me to have a Note in two places. I may have a developer and tester working back and forth, simultaneously on a project and I'm monitoring it. I don't want the note getting dropped back and forth because nobody really owns it. So basically, can I share out notes with a specific tag? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Well, there are more simplified ways of doing that. But even if they continue to use their own mail server, there should at least be some kind of retention of the addressed you've already entered. Even if they're not pulling contacts form somewhere or adding a full contact manager to evernote, at least store the values I've entered and auto-complete when I start typing. Completely typing in full email addresses over and over isn't really very intuitive. I have to imagine they'll eventually come up with something but I can't think of anyplace else that doesn't at least store my previously entered email addresses. Oh well, it still works better than anything else for me, it's a minor annoyance.
  6. I checked all the options, no place to really set an email preference. I used outlook for years but I made the switch a few years ago and much prefer Gmail. Everyone has their own preferences. But considering how many people use Gmail it would be an awfully nice feature to either be able to pull form google contacts or send emails through Gmail instead of EN servers.
  7. I use Gmail and often send clips from it (using powerbot), but when I'm doing a bunch of development updates and assignments I'm working in the windows desktop evernote. Sadly it's not pulling from anything.
  8. New Evernote User here. I just starting running my companies Dev list out of evernote and do a lot of tagging to keep everything organized. I assign development tasks by emailing notes to my developers. When I click Share by Email I enter their names and send email. I have to re-type full email addresses every single time we do this. There doesn't seem to be any storing of these emails or contacts in any way. I hate having to type in full emails each time. Is there something I'm missing? Any way to avoid having to do this? Thanks!
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