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  1. Have been a paid user of Evernotes for years, It is disappointing to see two key and popular features are still outstanding for such a long time :- a) Notebook level password protection. Yes we can talk about encrypting notebooks but that can wait. Assigning a password for specific Notebook shouldn't be that challenging, from a layman's viewpoint. Ideally, different notebook to have different password will be default - this will be very useful with shared notebooks. b) Ability to export Notebook (not individual notes) to proper PDF format, so that we can achieve / publish Notebook
  2. I have been using Evernotes for 2 years (Premium Accounts), and lately have another premium account for my wife. But I am struggling with data export. Over time, I have more notebooks and some have hundreds of notes in it. When a project is complete I would like to export the *WHOLE* Notebook to PDF (like an e-Book) but don't know how. There is apparently also no "archive" function for notes/Notebooks. Even on individual note basis, the only options I have are to export as Evernote xml or HTML format. Both are not ideal for me. I hate the folder think with HTML export. It will be diff
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