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  1. Our company uses a secure desktopenvironment (EN cant be installed). When I want to send a note to a colleague using my android-app I frequently accidentally share with Workchat. I found out how to share via email with a link, but I usually forget this after a month. It isnt the easiest way. Now my collegueas ask me to please stop using EN and use normal email like them! So please; 1. Can you make emailing with the android-app as intuitive as before (I'm a premiumuser since 2009, I really liked it)? 2. When I use "Send to emailaddress", it seems to use Workchat. There is no feedback that says I used Workchat (so I think my colleague got the note). Can you fix that? 3. Can you tell me how to email a note without using a link from the android-app? Thank you, I hope you fix Evernote the way it was and make it possible to opt out on workchat. I hate it and will never use it.
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