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  1. Come on you big green elephant you! I understand you are working on some awesome stuff for iOS but the Android App needs some basic TLC too. Quick access to Shortcuts (ie. Saved Searches) is a must for regular work flow. Currently, because of the issue quoted above, the only way I can access my Shortcuts is by initiating the New note menu at the bottom of the screen, tap the 3 dots , then tap "Shortcuts" to get the pane of Saved Shortcuts. Shortcuts access is painful not short. The pane sliding from the left with a finger drag was very convenient. Awaiting an Android App update which will solve this problem......
  2. Deal breaker in current version of Android app (on my Note2 running kitkat) : 1. The notes scroll bar conflicts with the shortcuts gesture, can't from right to left side-flick the search shortcuts menu at all, only scrolls the notes. Without the 'search shortcuts menu' the android app is useless to me. Was planning to subscribe to evernote premium, but will hold out till this essential gets fixed. +1 +1 +1
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