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  1. Sounds promising charboyd. Let's just hope you get the chance to focus on usability development for other platforms some time soon then
  2. Many of the responses and comments and this thread answer the very general question of: How, in Windows or on a Mac, do I change the resolution of an image? That is not Evernote specific and, I my opinion, not what this thread is about. The original question still stands: From an Evernote note layout perspective, Is it possible to re-size an image (while keeping the original resolution)? And the answer to that question is sadly still No. The workaround suggestions are somewhat helpful, but Evernote, please realize that these are nowhere near usable workarounds. Thank you
  3. If this were an AUTOMATIC option with the ability to tap on image to temporarily enlarge for viewing... this would be practical and useful. Thank you! Alan Agreed! That would be even better. I very very rarely want my whole screen filled with the image in question =) Thanks Alan
  4. In my opinion this thread can be said to be about two things. A lot of it so far is about whether Evernote is an image manipulation tool or not and other tools to resize (adn crop etc) images. I'm guessing that Nana was after a solution for the same problem I am: I don't want to modify the image I attached to a document. All I want to do is to be able to include it in the text flow in something other than 1:1 pixel size. Any image snapped with a camera will be much to large in evernote (not in terms of actual size in bytes but in terms of screen real estate. I.e. all I want to do is to be able to do is to resize the displayed image (i.e. not the underlying image). This should be much easier than "image modification" as someone mentioned. Just look at MS word for example, simple image handles at the edges would do it for me =) Thanks
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