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  1. I think there is no easy way to go through. You have to try and suddenly it works. Just synch, upload, restart the software, and once it will work. I think they try to make it hard for us, so you go pay for it.
  2. I couldn't agree more to what you are saying. Evernote is THE solution to all my needs. For me, it becomes so addicting, that one gets upset if you cannot upload 60 MB per month. I hope this thread will help a lot of other users in the same situation. Cheers and have a great time, Dani
  3. Great! It was exactly the same with me. When I started using Evernote, I had a huge pile of paper, I wanted to get through, scan them and upload them as soon as possible. Since Snapscan is so fast, it really delivers a lot of data. You will see, with time you will need less data per month, and the problem of the 60 MB barrier will ease. Bear in mind that Evernote also has to life from something and consider paying for data storage. Also make sure that your scanned papers are in fonts mode, i.e. they are not stored as a picture. Just make sure that everything went through OCR. By this, you save great amounts of storage data. An average file OCR'ed is some 50 kB big, while a file stored as picture is some MBs big. See you, Dani
  4. Yeah, it was similar with me, when I started to use the software. I somehow still could upload scanned notes, which is my primary purpose of using Evernote (I just scan with Fuji Snapscan all my bills and letters and throuw the paper away). Try to continue uploading notes, and tell me if it works or not. The warning might be a false one. Dani
  5. Just that we understand each other: You have to log-in on the evernote site, there you click on personal account and look up your free MBs. There you most probably see that the balance has zeroed. You click ok and go out again. Then you syncronize the software on your computer. Now you should see free 60 MB.
  6. I think it's a glitch in the software. You have to log on online, then you will find that you have enough data. Then synchronize and suddenly you have it also on your local software. At least that's how it worked with me. Let me know if it works also for you. Good luck
  7. Yesss! That was it! Thank you so much. You're a darling!
  8. I'm the exact same opinion as the topic starter. I love Evernote, but I only want it local. I switched Sync off a thousand times, but it doesn't work. Is there really no way to inhibit sync? Why would you make certain feature only available online? If I'm down road I have a lousy internet connection in some 3rd world country, I cannot wait for synching or cannot search through my whole notebook. Cloud is a good thing - if you know your limitation. I'm not always online and so aren't most of us. We always need local data, unless you really only move in metropolitan areas in your own country. So, question again: How can I make my Evernote fully local?
  9. Hi, I have exactly the same problem. My user account was created on a 7th, and yesterday the limit reset should have happend. But it didn't! If I go online to Account, there is my full limit available. If I go on my local app, it says my limit is reached and I have no credit left. The bar is fully in the red. Since I'm using Fuji ScanSnap I need my local app. Any hint? Many thanks, Dani
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