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  1. This might be silly but how do i sync the web version? it says that i still have 32kb of space but on my ipad it says i have used it all. also it states that i will refresh in 2 days. Maybe this will fix the problem and set me into a "new month"?
  2. Hello, thank you in advance for your help. Our account has reached its upload limit for the month of April. (We must have had a lot of fun things happening in our classroom to document! ) it's a new month now and I thought we would get a new limit but that hasn't happened, the sync is still not working, it still says we have reached our full limit. Is there anything I can do to fix this other then buying the premium account which is not an option on a school device? Nothing in the trash....if I remove files and download to my computer will this help?? Thanks!
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