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  1. Today I opened Evernote Web and noticed a little Beta banner in the upper right-hand corner. I like trying out Beta releases, so I decided to try it out. Am I crazy, or is it completely identical to the standard web UI? I checked all of the editing options and they looked the same as before. When you click on the little banner, it even says, "Try out the new Evernote editing experience!". So, what's new? Before: : After:
  2. Some (more) requests: Ability to drag and drop folders and notes, and sorting ad re-arranging of shortcuts. The ability to insert files (pdfs at the very least) from computer or cloud into a note There are many basic features of the Desktop client that are missing from the web beta client like these.
  3. Are we really having this discussion, about whether or not Evernote employees read forum comments? Seriously? Can we get back to the topic, which is the Web Beta UI, please? Had I known it would have derailed the topic, I wouldn't have voiced my skepticism in the first place. I only mentioned it because there has been a lot of feedback regarding the new UI, but as far as I can tell, no changes have been implemented. I'm sure they have a release schedule of some kind they adhere to, and are probably planning to make a bunch of changes at once. Anyway, that's all I have to say on the issue.
  4. You'd be incorrect on that score. My apologies, then.
  5. Now that I have been using the new Web Beta for a while, I have some more suggestions (though I doubt anyone from Evernote is actually reading this): I wish, wish, wish we had the option to choose whether to display the editing toolbar (with the bullet point, list, and indentation options) on the right or left side of the screen. I know I am in the minority, but as a left-handed person, it's a bit annoying to have to move the cursor over to the right side of the screen whenever I want to make a bulleted list (given that my mouse is to the left of my keyboard). I could be more productive if the editing tools were more accessible for me. Obviously, a better solution would be to implement keyboard shortcuts, but that's something many have been requesting for Evernote Web for years now (so who knows if they have plans to add that). It would't be difficult, especially for Chrome users, as we can customize keyboard shortcuts for specific functions of extensions and apps. Finally, some kind of night mode is essential, especially with all this extra whitespace. I'm hoping someone writes a browser script that puts the new Web Beta into night mode, with white on black text. Much easier on the eyes!
  6. Too much whitespace. The minimal design is fine, but that 2 inch strip of white on either side of the notes really bugs me. Even just extending the margins of the notes to close up some of that space might work. An easy way to get back to the main screen would be nice (as someone else mentioned) That "share note" icon confused me, I was disappointed when the note didn't pop out in a separate window as expected (which reminds me, where did that "open note in separate window" option go? I use that often.) I miss the note list view, I liked navigating my notes that way. Hopefully you will add a few alternative view options eventually It looks nice, though, and looks very unified with the Android app
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