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  1. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but Evernote no longer updates attachments if I save the document while Evernote is closed. I'm pretty sure it didn't work that way before. Correct me if I'm wrong. So, for example: 1. Open Evernote and find a docx. file 2. Open the docx. file 3. Close Evernote (because I don't like apps just hanging around without being used) 4. Edit and save the docx. file 5. Later, everything that I did is gone. Poof! It's not even retrievable through the Library/Application Support/com.evernote directory because for some reason the edited versions (that I certainly saved) are discarded.
  2. Wow. The new table management is phenomenal. Even more convenient than Microsoft Word, which has its operations hidden in the top ribbon. Thank you for this update. Question: Is the ability to change table border colors through Format>Tables>Table Properties a new thing? Don't remember seeing it there. Also, TIL that SHIFT+Scroll on a regular mouse+keyboard setup enables horizontal scroll. Useful for us Hackintosh users. EDIT: Is there a "Split cells" operation yet? If not, please consider that a high priority.
  3. I've always loved the flexibility of a text-based task management system. It feels much more organic and easy to use than a todo list. That being said, I also like visualizing weeks ahead with a calendar. That's why text-based calendar is perfect for me, which I use in conjunction with iCal. Note: Keywords such as H1, H2...represent habits, as writing down a single capital letter is an easy way to log them. I wouldn't recommend this system to someone who relies on their mobile devices, as formatting tables and text on mobile devices is a nightmare.
  4. Just wanted to say that I love the new tab feature. I need quick access to my schedule note, and I can now do that easily with keyboard only. That being said, I'd like to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to access the tab that I want, something akin to most browsers (Cmd+Shift+# since Cmd+# does a different function). Moreover, I'd like to be able to open a single note in a new tab. Opening individual notes in a new window is too clunky.
  5. I do most of my schoolwork on Evernote, but when I submit my final work I either have to 1. Submit the report as an independent docx. file OR 2. Print it out, which also means using Microsoft Word Most people use Microsoft office and that's the sad reality. So it's crucial for me that ordered/numbered lists and photos are properly copied and pasted into Microsoft Word. Other formatting features aren't much of a problem; it's always the lists and images that mess up. Moreover, if I'm using my default font in Evernote, when I paste to Word I'd like the content to be formatted in default Word font. In Evernote, Helvetica 18pt is not big, but in Word it's gigantic and I have to reformat everything back to Times New Roman 12pt. The tables are not too big of a problem, but default Evernote tables are different from default Word tables, which is also somewhat irritating. Seriously, the biggest reason why I'm considering using OneNote is because the formatting doesn't get messed up when I paste to Word. Sure, when I know in advance that I'll have to print a lab report or something, I'll start writing it in Word. But sometimes teachers change their mind at the last moment and tell us to print out that note that we took during class (which I obviously took in Evernote) ASAP. And I print it out via Evernote...all the fonts are too big for printing and I can't fix that because Evernote isn't built for printing. Microsoft Word is. TL; DR 1. Formatting shouldn't be messed up when copying between Evernote and Microsoft Ofice (esp. Word). 2. Ordered/Unordered list and images are the biggest problems. 3. Default font/table style are also too different.
  6. +1 If no password protection, then there should be a method to exclude certain results from search as minimum privacy. Best solution so far is to use OS X's autocomplete feature so that a phrase types out as "-tag:private", and do this every time. Why can't we just exclude a notebook from search, either permanently or with -notebook: syntax?
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