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  1. Thanks, CalS! I use the markdown notation on the Mac, starting a code block with ```. That is what doesn't work on the Windows version; I'd like it added, but I can go about my normal business now that I know about the button and the keybind especially. The more I can do just with the keyboard, the better!
  2. I'm retiring my Mac and using a Windows 10 machine as my primary computer. When will code blocks be available for the Windows version?
  3. I have the same problem, and it appears to be related to tables. A large note of just text and pictures scrolls smoothly, but one with a table that spans more than one screen has a long pause between the user action and the page actually scrolling when the scrolling range includes a part of the large table. The new Edit Table UI is arguably better, allowing for more functionality, but my guess is that the scrolling problem is related to the background plumbing added for it in WYSIWYG. I also thought checkboxes might be a problem since I use lots of checkboxes in columns for layout purposes, but I did some testing and that doesn't seem to affect scrolling. EDIT 1: This includes tables with a large number of empty rows as well as a table with many lines in a cell, used more for columnar layout that traditional tabular data. EDIT 2: I do not have the problem on the Mac version of the application. I am scrolling with the built-in trackpad on a Del Inspirion laptop. When I attach a mouse to the laptop and use a scroll wheel, I do not notice the same delay. However, the mouse wheel isn't free-spinning, so the software mechanics are likely different than continuous-style scrolling on a trackpad. Maybe it's how the trackpad scroll is translated to "N Lines or Pages Up/Down". EDIT 3: I do not see a consistent problem using the Mac version with a trackpad on a MacBook Air; scrolling had minor hiccups from time to time. I tried various trackpad settings on the Inspirion with no noticeable change in behavior. This is a Windows-only Trackpad-only problem from my testing so far.
  4. To be specific, you are seeing patterns in people asking for something *on this forum*. It's a vocal minority fallacy to say this demonstrates "a clear indication there is a disconnect" in any way beyond a disconnect with some forum users. What proportion of Evernote users post in this forum or even read it? How much information does EV get directly from customers or via social media rather than on the forum? How much competitive intelligence do they do on other products? How much comes out of internal use and skunkworks? Things like this public forum are only one part of how a smart product team plans for new features. The forums may be a good bell-weather, but don't draw too many conclusions from what you read on Internet public discussions.
  5. TBH, this probably saved me from going over to OneNote. The trouble/changes with getting tables right, particularly lists in tables, was very frustrating. I prefer EN's classic editor feel to OneNote's layout mode, but I often want to maximize visible screen real estate by using tables to create columns. More companies should consider having "release/month of quality/refactoring" in their annual dev calendars. It's not all about a rush to have the most features or slavishly prioritize by what some people think is the highest priority. As a developer, you have to make a product you're proud of and one that you want to use yourself. The opposite approach is how the Office products became such a mess and why simpler, better focused alternatives have been gaining traction over them.
  6. It was a top priority for me, and it's gotten me to move taking code-related notes out of Google Docs and into Evernote; I was struggling with looking for yet another tool to manage this kind of content literally the day after you released this version. Plus <code> is actually a part of html, so supporting it isn't weird or a complete waste of time. Plus the markdown shortcut approach is a lovely touch. Anything you can do to make it easier to work in Evernote without having to touch the mouse is greatly appreciated. I'd love you forever and ever if you added more markdown-like and wiki-like keyboard smarts, especially something wiki-like to add note links inline (e.g., [[ My Other Note ]] auto-completing.) Please schedule more hackweeks if this is the kind of thing that comes out of them!
  7. I understand why you chose it, and I hope you understand why this change might be confusing to users of older versions and other applications. No one mapping will make everybody happy which is why this seems like a great opportunity for personalization. I was talking about COMMAND-+/- in TextEdit above which uses that for changing font size like Evernote did pre-6.5. The remapped font size key-binds (COMMAND-</> and COMMAND-SHIFT-</>) are not treated as the same thing in my current Evernote Mac 6.5. Referring to the actual mappings, COMMAND-, opens preferences and COMMAND-. does nothing. (COMMAND-< is really COMMAND-SHIFT-, at the input level.) I hadn't turned on zoom--code block was what got me excited--but you are correct, it treats the two binds (COMMAND-= and COMMAND-SHIFT-= as both COMMAND-+). Can you make font resizing behave the same way?
  8. I use Evernote on Mac and Windows in addition to other apps on both platforms. It's bad enough having to remember both, but apps that add a third way frustrate me. It wouldn't be so bad if I could remap keys--and even better transfer them among Evernote installations as a file or via cloud-managed settings. The other thing I mentioned above, and maybe this is a config error on my part, but I have to use SHIFT in addition to the other keys in the chord. In text edit, both COMMAND-+ and COMMAND-SHIFT-+ are treated as the same thing. Not so in Evernote.
  9. Coincidentally, I was just pasting lots of code into notes yesterday and getting annoyed that there wasn't a "format code block" feature. Then this morning I pull down the update and "voila!". The ``` is a nice touch; does this and the lists shortcuts for a few revs ago mean we'll be getting closer to markdown soon? So far these seem like reasonable ways to have the text entry speed of markdown and stay WYSIWYG. On a related note, I hope we either get shorter key chords or a way to change key-binds or an actual markdown editing mode. I find the four-key chords (because of shift) for text justification too cumbersome, and the new bigger/smaller at three keys is pushing it.
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