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  1. 36 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Can someone point to me where Evernote has expressed opposition to encryption?

    There are a huge list of other features that are missing in the apps.  It's not that Evernote has expressed opposition to those either.

    There are limited resources and some features are going to be implemented before others. There are priorities.

    Meanwhile, I have used work-arounds so that I can encrypt notes.

    I want to be very clear. We aren't asking for encryption. We are asking for something as simple as not loading the screen with the note/notebook until a password is entered. 

    Again, not looking for any true security but rather protection from the most casual / opportunistic peeking which solves 99.9%+ of occurrences we care about. 

    Everyone recognizes Evernote is not meant as a vault but rather convenience. 

  2. On 2/8/2016 at 5:26 AM, Sylvain D. said:

    It seems to me th is whole debate on password protected notes (lots of users requesting it, and Evernote team steadily turning it down for years) is the result of a misunderstanding. 

    Basically the users are saying that password protected notes would add a little privacy in case their wife, husband or children click on the Evernote link in the family computer browser

    Evernote people are saying that:

    - this would give a false sense of security and that it's better to properly encrypt the secret part of the notes within or outside Evernote.

    - that it would make searching into these notes impossible etc.

    Well we're mixing up security and privacy+ease of use here: Users aren't even asking for the password Encrypted notes, they're asking for password Protected notes: if you have the password/pin code you can see the note, if you don't well, you can't. 

    Users are ready to accept that this is not a top-notch security feature, it doesn't need to show on your (impressive) security overview page. Classify it as an ease of use feature if you will. As long as people don't log off their account when they're they're fully responsible of what happens with it when they're not around. However this feature will give them some peace of mind and possibility to do some damage control in case they eventually forget to log off some time.



    This. Give me the ability to put some basic level of non-access on specific notes/notebooks.

    I am not trying to stop someone who is legitimately trying to hack my computer. I am not trying to stop a determined IT professional at my office. Those situations make up 0.001% of the cases I care about.

    99.999% of the time is just someone casually using my computer during a work meeting or other casual situation. They either don't mean to look - they click on the wrong note, or on the wrong notebook and the first note that pops up is something personal like some a note on my parent's finances - or they purposefully click when the casual opportunity exists. Let's be honest it is human nature to peek but given even the least resistance wouldn't try further. In either case a very simple level of protection would suffice and I am pretty sure this is all most of us are asking for.

    I don't care if the note remains unencrypted. I don't care if it is in fact still sitting on my hard drive unencrypted. I just want the program to not DISPLAY it until I type in a password or PIN.

    Help me protect from casual/opportunistic situations and I would be on Professional version in a heartbeat because it would let me use the program for both work and personal. I am not putting super secret things on there that will ruin me...just stuff I would prefer not be made public. 99.999% of the time any ridiculously simple form of privacy would suffice.

    I am not trying to protect super secret stuff but just don't want certain things casually available.

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