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  1. I want to be very clear. We aren't asking for encryption. We are asking for something as simple as not loading the screen with the note/notebook until a password is entered. Again, not looking for any true security but rather protection from the most casual / opportunistic peeking which solves 99.9%+ of occurrences we care about. Everyone recognizes Evernote is not meant as a vault but rather convenience.
  2. This. Give me the ability to put some basic level of non-access on specific notes/notebooks. I am not trying to stop someone who is legitimately trying to hack my computer. I am not trying to stop a determined IT professional at my office. Those situations make up 0.001% of the cases I care about. 99.999% of the time is just someone casually using my computer during a work meeting or other casual situation. They either don't mean to look - they click on the wrong note, or on the wrong notebook and the first note that pops up is something personal like some a note on my parent's finan
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