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  1. Hi Saverio, The regex is preferred, because although it does generally put date last, if there are two documents from the same date, it appends an additional number (e.g., Amazon My Orders 2014-05-20 1.pdf). The regex approach should be more robust. As far as changing the title, you can simply use the "title" attribute. Adding something like these two lines at the bottom of the script should do the trick: set filestring to find text "[^0-9]+" in fname with regexp and string resultset title of statement to datestring & " " & filestringThis sets the 'filestring' variable to the att
  2. So after having heard about it several times but never finding time to delve further into it, I finally signed up for FileThis (http://filethis.com) and connected several of my accounts to be automatically imported to Evernote. I was blown away by how straightforward the process was. It brought in the backlog of statements from my banks, credit cards, utilities, health insurance, and even Amazon.com orders, and will continue to do so automatically moving forward (by default, in the free tier, once per week.) The one major issue I had was that the creation/modified dates of the notes that we
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