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  1. To clarify, my comment about Evernote being a "dysfunctional company" was not an off-hand remark. It was based on actual tech reporting that you can read. For example: * Evernote lost its CTO, CFO, CPO and HR head in the last month as it eyes another fundraiser * The 3 Stages of Evernote’s Fall
  2. I have begun my transition to Notion. I have a lifetime membership to Evernote, because I've been with them from the beginning. I am leaving because of this issue and all the other feature requests that have gone ignored by Evernote. Evernote has shown itself to be a dysfunctional company, but it's the product that I'm now rejecting. Notion provides new Evernote import tool Notion’s new web clipper makes it a powerful competitor to Evernote
  3. Yes sadly, with the history of lack of innovation and the recent corporate leadership issues, I'm preparing for the worst with Evernote and looking into how to export to OneNote -- I mean do you guys realize how little I want to be using a Microsoft product?!
  4. Here is a great example of what Evernote could be... Dynalist
  5. Case and point, Evernote Super Guru @DTLow -- thank you for adding nothing but more hostility.
  6. The Evernote representatives here have made this by far one of the most tone-def, defensive, adversarial forums I've ever experienced. I implore you to take us seriously. We're your power users. We don't want to leave your product, but we will if you force us to. Take a chance, listen to us! Take our money! Or we'll go somewhere else... Workflowy, OneNote, Notability.
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