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  1. This thread is over two years old. What is the problem with having the Android app act the same way as the Windows app in the way titles are generated? It seems like elementary UI design that the various platforms should function the same to the extent reasonably possible. And this is a pretty major part of the interface... how one composes a note. My brain shouldn't have to completely alter the process of composing a note, just because I'm on a smartphone. It seems like it would be pretty simple to have the app automatically copy the first line into the title field. If it's really too cumbersome to do this on the phone, make it a server-side option whenever the title field is left blank. It's very frustrating to have a bunch of notes that I've created on my Android phone, and open the Windows client only to find a bunch notes listed as "Untitled note," or even worse, "Note from random calendar entry for event that you didn't actually attend or that was really just a reminder and bears no relation to the note at all."
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