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  1. Evernote Windows Just noticed while pasting text copied out of a text document, that Evernote seems to be adding a semicolon. Tried searching the forum, but didn't see anything. I've been sitting tight on 6.7.6 for a while, so possibly been addressed, but don't want to update if I don't have to. SOURCE TEXT <outline URL="http://address.com/proxy/x1mp33?mp=/stream" icon="html/images/filename1.png" text="NAME1 (mp3)" type="audio" /> <outline URL="http://address.com" icon="html/images/name1.png" text="NAME1 (aac)" type="audio" /> <outline URL="http://addr
  2. Experimenting with going back to the OE Samsung launcher (without removing Nova) did not make a difference. I did restart in between tests. (Edited above list of apps to include a few more) Disabling the other applications listed above using Package Disabler Pro (with device restart after disabling) did not fix the issue, either. Disabling with Package Disabler Pro makes these applications inaccessible. They disappear from the Apps list, and cannot be called up for "share via" purposes, either. Which devices are you guys using? I'm having this problem across two different Andr
  3. Hey Max - just heard back from Evernote, and we're going through the initial troubleshooting. I'm wondering whether this may be security-application related, or some other setting that's preventing pulling a screenshot. Are you using any security application or third party screen capture utilities, by chance? Here are the ones that come to mind that I have installed across two affected devices. Any of these look familiar to you? All-In-One Toolbox Avast Mobile Security Annotate Easy Copy Nova Launcher Universal Copy Screen Master
  4. Hey Max thanks for chiming in confirming there are others! I haven't been on in a while. I was wondering whether it was just me experiencing this problem. Revisiting this now, and have just opened a ticket with Evernote Support. Hope to get this sorted out easily. This problem persists for me now, even with browser versions current as of this post, as well newer versions of Evernote for Android.
  5. Device: Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013) / Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Version: 6.0.1 Evernote for Android Version: 8.4 / 8.4.1 Browsers: Chrome 69.0.3497.100 / Brave 1.0.59 I'm having a problem now clipping/sharing web pages from Chrome and Brave (Chromium based) browsers. Very early on, the Evernote Web Clipper for Android used to clip a URL or the page. In later versions, used with Chrome on Android, I couldn't get page content, but it would clip the URL and then a screenshot. Sometimes, I wanted this, sometimes not. Recently, even prior to these latest configurations I'm
  6. Hey Vikki, which device are you using? Are you still having this problem?
  7. Need some more info here. Which device? Which version of Android? Which version of Evernote? Which browser are you using on your Android device? Lastly, how are you clipping the web pages? Are you using the Share option from the browser on your Android device, or are you selecting content, copying, and then pasting into a note in the Evernote app for Android?
  8. Hehe, yeah, Dave, the : D would be the accompanying smiley opposite for frowny D : G - I do make regular use of the Code Block option but just didn't fit the use here in this particular note. I use the Code Block option for sets of commands, or instructions, etc. I'm still on 6.13, and have noticed that I can't indent with Code Block anymore like I used to be able to. Also seen some strange behavior there where where in some versions or some methods of use, the code block would start at the left margin, and only the text would indent. And then other times, I'd be able to indent the Co
  9. Evernote 6.13.14 for Windows I was just updating some tech notes, and went to make a note about a drive letter and the EN editor replaced my "D:" with a small black rectangle. I presume this was supposed to be an automatic text formatting element, and I can't think of anything else this might be except for a frowny emoji? I've tried searching the forums and can't find much on this, except for people asking for emoji support. I've also tried disabling the Automatically format text elements option, but that didn't help with this. Is there a way to turn this off that I'm
  10. I've been working with newer versions of EN since the recent security update, and the Code Block function is one of the items I've seen changed in the newer versions I'm now using. I liked being able to indent the Code Block function, for example. I, too, would like to see some font control. For my use, I wouldn't say it's useless otherwise without the definition controls, but it does *****/limit significantly my note formatting, and I don't like that at all. This is one of those things that worked a little differently in earlier versions, so I'd like to see the function return
  11. How's everyone doing after updating? I learned a few things during my troubleshooting off and on over a few days last week after getting locked out of 6.5.4. I posted a few notes here on this other thread going over a general process that really cleaned up a relatively unusable installation of 6.13.14 on one of my Windows machines. It had me really frustrated and concerned over the weekend. Still working through both 6.7.6 and 6.13.14, feeling things out, but both are working pretty well. I'm a stickler for not having my stuff messed with (forced/surprise/accidental smartphone upda
  12. How's everyone doing after their updates? I'm still testing two Windows machine installations, one on 6.7.6 and the other on 6.13.14. Happy to report that both are running stably and reliably on my end. The 6.7.6 install seemed to work pretty well as an in-place upgrade The 6.13.14 install, also a in-place upgrade, initially, seemed to go okay, but then I started having problems with Evernote hanging up frequently. I tried a few different things for this in order least invasive to full removal, reinstallation and full resync. I've been using 6.13.14 this week in a
  13. I agree that something needs to be done on the stability front and that there should be a more direct line of discussion and acknowledgement on subscriber feedback. @AndreasM and @Ellsinore -- which versions are you guys running, and are things stable for you at this point, or are you struggling with features and usability issues? For me, I've been back and forth. The first night, I also found out the hard way that I was being forced to upgrade. I've never liked this, not with any software platform or device. I'm currently in mixed environments. On one machine, I'm running 6.7.6,
  14. Aht, yes, I agree, and typically do have Instant Sync disabled as well. I think with the first version I used where it was introduced, I found that it was making my experience a bit laggy with typing and changes while it synced updates. I think I'm usually set for 15 or 30 minutes, and Manual Sync is just a natural part of my workflow as I create and edit. I'll be back to working with 6.13.14 tomorrow, and will have a better sense for it then, since it will be a fresh installation and sync, and not an in-place upgrade.
  15. I've been working on this off and on for the past couple of days since the notification of update requirement (ha, productivity time It's been annoying, but I've learned a few things, and I think my EN may actually be working better now). I posted some additional details and observations on another thread. In summary, yes, 6.7.6 seems to be working nicely for me as well, but I went through some additional steps with it, essentially completely removing, restarting, reinstalling, restarting and re-syncing the database. More details here on Dave's thread for anyone following along and
  16. Mostly 6.13.14 was locking up a LOT. I haven't had a chance to mess with it since wiping and resyncing the database. Given some hiccups on another machine with 6.7.6, and the way I worked through it as noted above, and with the benefits I'm seeing now, I may try the same thing on the 6.13.14 machine before abandoning it and dropping back to 6.7.6 on that one, too. To clarify, the difference would be to try a complete removal and reinstallation of Evernote, as opposed to an in-place upgrade from 6.5.4 to 6.13.14, with a manual database delete and rebuild afterward. If this sort of
  17. Okay, I gotta say, 6.7.6 is cranking so far. After completely removing, restarting, and reinstalling, and getting a full sync, I've been running some tests, and so far, it's screaming fast. I'm impressed. Scrolling, content generation, edits, syncs, the whole bit. Changing notes is near instantaneous. I may play with the search as type delay option a bit. I'm happy again.
  18. Yes, agreed, this is good information for anyone affected. That's where I am right now, currently testing out both versions. One machine has the 6.7.6 referenced in the bulletin, and the other I decided to try the latest downloadable installation, 6.13.14. 6.13.14 was so hit or miss. I would not be able to use that in a production environment. 6.7.6, I'm messing with this afternoon on a second machine. I did an in-place update/upgrade the other night, and it seemed mostly okay. After the business with 6.13.14, and going through some troubleshooting basics including a fresh
  19. Holy moly, I thought I'd give in and see what the latest version offers. I had an afternoon recording lockups and broken features by hand with pen/paper because... 6.13 EN was practically unusable and inaccessible since it was in lockup state a lot of the time. Last night, when I first found myself locked out, I thought a lot of the alarmed user feedback was a bit aggressive, but it turns out that some of those users have been following along for the past year or so, while I've been living under a rock in relative bliss with 6.5.4. After my experience today with 6.13, I'm becoming a
  20. aht, yep, I think that's one of the ones I read about for testing .apk files - good info, thanks!
  21. Man, be careful with those .apk sites. I know what it's like to be desperately in need a previous version of an app, but I'd be a little sketched out about downloading one like Evernote. Do you have a way to check to see if it's safe? I think there are some scanners out there to check these files before you install them. For this reason alone, I think Evernote should offer access to previous versions of apps, within reason. Sometimes we do need to revert for various reasons.
  22. Sure thing. I thought that link in the Security Bulletin was a patch only for 6.7.6, but decided to try it to see if it worked on 6.5.4. Turns out, I think, it was just the installer for 6.7.6, and so it upgraded my version to 6.7.6. Nothing else after that. Just logged in and all my notes and stuff were there as far as I could tell. I did not have to resync the entire database. If you're concerned for possible data loss, I'd make a manual backup of your database first. On Windows machines, this will be the .exb file in this location: C:\Users\USERNAME\Evernote\Datab
  23. I received a message back from Rich this morning on a private message I sent last night through the site. I think they're working to get some things clarified, and I'm told that they are passing on the UI and functionality feedback concerns directly to their product managers. I hope that management is taking this feedback seriously. Just because not everyone is publicly up in arms, doesn't mean they aren't disturbed or annoyed/angry/concerned. Most of us have put a lot of trust in Evernote as we've worked with it over the years. As an IT person, I couldn't do my job very easily withou
  24. Dave, the only way I know of to downgrade apps is to backup your apps before you upgrade them. Then, if you don't like an update, you can manually reinstall from the backup. All-In-One-Toolbox has an option to archive/backup apps either as you install or update them, or manually at any time. There are probably other apps out that that can do this as well, but this one works without having to be rooted, and it's got some other handy features, too. As far as reverting to a previous version if you haven't backed up your own copy, I think the only safe way to do this is to get a copy f
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