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  1. Hmmm indeed. Well with your help gazumped I have made good progress. Tap & hold the picture when browsing note - no resultWhen you say 'browsing' I assume this means you are not in editing mode. I also get no result. Edit pen icon from note - gets me to the text, not the pictureThis is weird. So you tap the Edit pen at the bottom and the picture(s) disappear temporarily. For me when I tap the pen the note looks the same and I can edit text and tap pictures. Tap picture 'opens' picture - image fits screen: options are Annotate / Share / save to Downloads (folder) and Details (image meta)Same for me except "Annotate" is "Mark up" Annotate options - crop and rotate both directions plus various draw choices from arrow to pixelateThis comment of yours gave me the answer to my problem. My "Mark up" options at the bottom of the screen don't include crop, etc. (just 4: pen, text, colour palette & bubble/text arrows) but from here I can tap the phone's menu button ... and lo and behold up come Crop, Erase markup, Rotate right & Rotate left. Hooray! So I can now do what I want to do and I am extremely grateful for your help gazumped. Who knows what the problem is with the Edit option (tap+hold the image and select "edit") or even if there is a problem (though it certainly seems like there is) but anyway the point is now moot for my purposes. You are clearly a wonderful asset to this forum and you have helped me enormously. Thanks again and all the best to you.
  2. Thanks for the reply gazumped. I get a similar edit screen ("Mark up" instead of "Annotate") when tapping a jpeg within a note, and it is the same menu I get when I tap+hold and select "Mark up". These "mark up" edits save correctly. Unfortunately what I need are the edit functions you get from the edit menu (tap+hold the image and select "edit"), particularly crop. Maybe you could try editing through this menu and report how you get on. Yes, editing without going through Evernote and manually adding to Evernote afterwards works fine as a workaround but ... it's a workaround. Just wish things would work properly (though maybe I'm doing something wrong, but can't see what it could be). I may reinstall, though as it was the last app I installed (and was just this morning) I doubt it will help and I'll probably simply raise a ticket as you suggest. Thanks again for your help.
  3. (I am running Android 4.3 on a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and I have the latest version of Evernote for this OS/device.) Hi All. These are the steps I am taking to edit a picture, followed by the problem and some symptoms that may help people tell me what I am doing wrong: While editing a note (not in the default notebook) that has an image (jpeg), I tap and hold the image and select "edit". A bubble (if that's the right word) pops up at the bottom of the screen and says "Resource not changed". The default Android image editor opens. A further bubble then appears saying "Saving note in [notebook name]...". I edit the image, for example using Crop, and tap the save icon. A bubble appears saying "Saved". I tap the back arrow on the top left of the screen to return to Evernote.The problem: on returning to Evernote the picture remains unchanged. Symptoms: The edited image is saved to an evernote folder called "unsaved_notes".Sometimes (I cannot work out under what conditions this happens, and usually it doesn't) the edited image is saved to a new note in the default notebook.When editing a note, if I tap and hold on an image and select "Mark up" the marked up image is saved in the note as expected.All this leads me to believe there is some problem in the interface between the image editor and Evernote. Maybe it is possible to associate Evernote with a different image editor. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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