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  1. This is a problem for me as well. I just updated to the most recent version because of the security flaw - the rules worked in my older version, but now depend on the level of zoom. Please get this corrected soon.
  2. Obtain an older version of iTunes that allows for app management, and then transfer the Evernote version that I want to my Apple device. Thanks for your response.
  3. Similarly, I'm also interested in doing this. Would Evernote possibly provide older versions of the app? iTunes no longer downloads apps, so that is not an option. My reasoning is explained here:
  4. I've deliberately avoiding updating my desktop Evernote versions, because they changed the tables formatting from one I preferred (darker lines, less intra-cell spacing) to the newer format (which is less desirable from my perspective). The iOS app always showed the tables in their desktop-format (either old or new) until the May update. Now the iOS shows all tables in the newer format. Furthermore, when I edit the data within a table cell in the iOS app, it changes the table's format in the desktop version. Is this an intentional change that was made in the May update? If not, could it be reversed?
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