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  1. I have tried to find the answer to this, and may not know enough to ask the question correctly. I scanned in a doc, to computer and sent to Evernote. I wanted to encrypt just a social security number. It would not let me, telling me it was a jpeg. So, if I convert to a pdf first, before sending to Evernote, then can I encrypt a social security number in the middle of a page?
  2. It was text. I scanned in a tax document, via Doxie Scanner, tried to encrypt the social and it wouldn't work.
  3. I scanned in a doc with my Doxie scanner. It has something in it, confidential. I tried to encrypt and it did not work. I sent Evernote a note, to ask why I could not encrypt it. They said it was because it was a jpeg, since it came from a scanner. How can I do this in the future, so I can encrypt as needed?
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