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  1. Thanks. I found it already. It is in the Advanced Search - Filter By - Tags. This is good because I do not need to remember the exact name of the tag. However, I notice the Tags Filter for Android is not doing the drill down feature for user like in Windows version of Evernote. The Windows version of Evernote will automatically drill down and filter out unrelated tags when the first tag is selected. So, basically, the number of tags showing up gets lesser to help to narrow down the search.
  2. I think it is a matter on how the tag is being used and getting used to it. My way of doing this would be Creating tag for each of the level like Tag 1 =<Group Level 1 Name> Tag 2 = <Group Level 2 Name> Tag 3 = <Group Level 3 Name> Then, in the Evernote search. Search by multiple tag for. e.g Your notes fall in the following level. (using Windows term - Folder) Mainfolder\Subfolder\AnotherLevelSubFolder Your notes should tag Mainfolder, Subfolder and AnotherLevelSubFolder You search by tag Mainfolder if you want all the contents in Mainfolder. Likewise, you
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