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  1. Oops. The message came up so fast I really didn't have a chance to do much of anything. I clicked on the account and it said "sign out" so I thought I was signed in. I wasn't. Once I clicked on the sign out option I signed back in with my email and password and now everything works.
  2. When I opened the Evernote Mac application for the first time, A message immediately popped up telling me to check my connection. My browser isn't having any problems and I did a speed test. No problems. Right before installing, I installed the program on my Mac desktop with no problems. Just in case the problem was that the program was still open on the other computer, I quit the application on my desktop. This is still the message that is coming up. I came to the forums to see if this I missed something obvious or if this was a common problem with a solution. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
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