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  1. I like it. Whether or not I will after use over a period of time is to be seen. I view it as a success at present. Usually people offer feedback of their own volition if it is negative feedback, so it would be useful to know what random samples of users think. I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately for those of us who don't and choose to complain there is no way to change toolbars or washed out interface settings. I also wonder, of those that are making complaints "of their own volition" (well nobody is making me complain exept me) how many of them are Premium customers, and how many perhaps wont be for much longer?
  2. "Internet bitching?" (To quote Limegreen's original comment before s/he editied the above post) is what manufactureres get when they mess up and don't pay attention to their customers. Think about why the forum is here, for feedback. So to moan about that is ridiculous. There's nothing wonderful about a washed out everything removed interface where nothing is discernable. It's a failure not a sucess. Design by comitee - really? Fine then we'll just go find another product to use. It's the design team that have no business, it's shoddy work, by them and the Evernote team as a whole not to consider implications of changes of this kind.
  3. Wake up Evernote! This release is the Windows 8 version of Evernote. The high contrast isnt even readable whatever "new" design layout you "think" you have here. YOU might like it but your CUSTOMERS don't! Yeah, wake up!
  4. Yeah frankly what a pile of junk this version is in terms of user interface. I use a Mac forvarious reasonsone of which is my eyesight. The high contrast style (Windows 7 style) of user interface makes Evernote very difficult to use. Seriously you should not go breaking stuff for the sake of itespecially if you don't give the user a chance to alter such settings. I think we need an answer from Evernote on this.
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