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  1. Hi Rheinhard, many thanks for your idea to develop this plugin. This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm currently building up my own business which will be basically content provision related to the digitized world for a certain target audience ( generation 45+). So, because I'm a long-years Evernote user and believer I had the idea from the very beginning to use the notes for content management. Mainly the (growing) functionalities for editing and designing notes with all kind of content ( pictures, videos, voice etc) and the additional available tools around evernote as skitch enforced the idea further. I was quite clear that the CMS will be Wordpress ( fitting theme not yet found) and therefore I only missed the functionality you now provide. I bought and installed the plug-in today and it works fine and as expected. Do you have any further idea for the development path of the plugin ? I could image such functionality like bi-directional sync , means if there are changes made within Wordpress (updates of pages, new pages etc.) to sync them back into evernote. That would even more bring the evernote notebook into a real and complete backup. Just as an idea. Rgds Uwe
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