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  1. I've been using EN with the web clipper since early this year. I have Windows 7 and use Chrome. In about the past month, clicking on the clipper icon wouldn't do anything. I discovered that, if I remove clipper and reinstall it, it starts working again. But that only lasts a day or two. Then it stops again. Today it seemed to be working until I wanted to clip a cnet article. The first box comes up and I click Save. The box disappears. Nothing happens. The article doesn't appear in EN. It appears to be two issues. 1. That EN web clipper stops working until I uninstall it, reinstall it, and sign back in. Sometimes I can get it to work by reloading a page but that doesn't often work. 2. When web clipper is working on other pages, the Cnet article doesn't work though web clipper opens until I hit Save. Are there any fixes for these problems? H
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