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  1. +1, -- And while we're at it, how about making collapsible tables too (kind of like Excel's Outlining feature)?
  2. After reading all the reviews about crashing in the last version, I decided to skip it. So, when 5.6.1 rolled around, I figured Evernote had squashed all those bugs (wrong!). The initial install went fine. The file conversion didn't take too long (~10 mins). Then, I made my first table and CRASH... BANG... it was gone. I submitted reports to both Apple and Evernote in the appropriate dialogs. Since then it has crashed one other time and now I can't even open it. If I run Evernote, everything looks fine initially, but the main window never comes up. The my Mac reports that the application is not responding and offers to let me force quit it. I've done that twice and have given up. Guess I'm going to be using Evernote Web until 5.6.2 rolls out. How do I get on the beta for the next version? Even if it crashes, that'll be better than not opening at all. My system: MBP running OS X 10.9.5. -D.
  3. Glad to see this layout is back. I'd reverted to a previous version and was refusing to upgrade because I couldn't stand the "side list" view. Gonna do the upgrade now! Thanks EN!
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