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  1. I recently deleted a note that was part of a shared notebook created by a colleague. I just figured that if something goes wrong, I can always fish it out of the trash. It turns out that it never makes it to the trash. It just disappears! Now whenever I Sync, it tells me 'sync failed due to unexpected behavior at client side". All my notes do sync though, it's just that that particular note from the shared notebook doesn't ever come back, and I think that's why the error appears. Hopefully Evernote addresses this soon.
  2. I current use mathtype to construct my equations, but I have to copy and paste them into Evernote. The show up fine in Evernote, but if the particular note is viewed with a browser, the equations look more like markups (see below). Anyways, hopefully you guys can fix this in the near future. \theta = \frac{{\Delta \cdot n}}{{\left( {1 - n}] \right)t}}
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