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  1. I would like to thank Evernote support for all the diligent help with my issue - Evernote crashes on my Samsung Note 10.1. This has been a long time issue, with numerous trys to resolve the problem. I have been informed by Support, that they acquired a Note and have found the bug, which will be resolved in the next version. Does any one know when the next version is due to be released, It will be great to be able to use the app crash free. Again, I would like to thank the support team, especially Terry for all the persisent & diligent help.
  2. Kjones, It's a relief to hear that I am not the only one with this problem. I would contact Evernote, the more reports may encourage them to find a resolution. Good luck, keep me posted
  3. I am using Evernote on my Samsung Note 10.1 via Verizon. After a Verizon update several months ago, Evernote crashes, 95% of the time when closing the app. Evernote has made a diligent effort to resolve the problem. Generally, they have asked me to uninstalled the appp, reboot the device and reinstalled it. Recently, they have me using the beta handwriting version, but that has not helped. I have also disabled my utility apps, which has not helped. Prior to the Verizon update, Evernote worked fine. Verizon has been no help. Is anyone else having this kind of problem. I am a premium user and have the app on my Droid phone and my PC, with no problems. I would appreciate any help, thanks for your time
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