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  1. Hi, There's a bug with my Evernote Web Clipper where if I type something under the 'TAG' section, the cursor moves all the way to the left. So every letter that I type, the cursor goes back to the left every time. I feel this is because I recently updated to Mac OS High Sierra, which I've seen causing problems in other areas outside of Evernote. I've attached a video of the bug. Thank you Evernote.mov
  2. Hey Evernote community, I like to annotate PDF's using Evernote. It's simple and quick to load on a laptop but it is a different experience on an Android tablet/phone. For example, a 44mb PDF through Evernote can't be loaded on my Nexus 9, but it can on my Nexus 5. Although, the latter took about 5 minutes to load and it is quite hard to read on a phone as well, let alone annotate. I was wondering if: I should still consider using Evernote to annotate on Android if there is a way of optimising my experience; or if I should just switch to another method, i.e. Dropbox/Adobe or any other combination Thanks guys - Stephane
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