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  1. If I'm right in thinking you have a lot of notes on your laptop that have not been sync'd to the EN servers, then the first thing I would suggest you do is backup your database. In a nutshell, you need to make sure Explorer is set to show hidden files & then you need to backup your your-user-name.exb file to something off of your computer. IE an external hard drive or a thumb drive. (The search function will yield more info on backup/restore should you need it.) Next, I'd suggest you submit a support ticket. (See my sig.) The very fact that when you're trying to login that you get the message you need to be online but you know you're online is problematic. Oh, but one thing to check...if you have Internet Explorer installed (what Windows computer doesn't have this sucky browser installed?), be sure it's not set to offline mode. There are some underlying "things" (technical term) that IE sets when in offline mode that create certain issues, including syncing with Evernote. More info here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23453-cant-sync/ I have a bakcup of my database I actually do not have IE on my laptop, I'm using chrome. I just tried to download IE, but something is wrong with my computer - so the download did not succeed. Do you think thats the main problem? If so, i will do anything I can to fix the IE downloading problem.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a serious problem! For the last year my Evernote for Sony Vaio has not syncronized. The other day I tried to solve the problem by following some of the suggested steps on evernotes webside. I've tried them all. There is no problem with my internet connection, I've tried to restart my computer, upgraded to the latest version of Evernote and I'm not working offline. After I downloaded the latest version of evernote I restarted the desktop and signed out locally. Then when I had to log in again nothing happened. A message appeared: couldn't connect to the server - it says that I have to be online before the first syncronization will succeed. I AM ONLINE!!! I'm so frustrated because all the unsynced files/notes on my desktop is obviously not to find online. Why can't I log in to evernote on my desktop locally? Will I ever get my notes back?? Please help me if you can. Heres an activity log:
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