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  1. I suggest that Evernote add a new feature, lockable notebooks. A locked notebook is one that cannot be opened without a password. This way all notes in the notebook cannot be viewed. If you want a note to be hidden from view, then simply move it into the notebook. There is only one password to remember for all the notes in the notebook. Locking individual notes is a pain and cannot be done on an iPad. With this feature you can keep a private diary that is not easily viewed. I know that you can have a passcode lock for evernote for the iPad, but this would just be for one or a few notebooks. The passcode would only be needed when working with those notebooks. A search should not show a note that is in a locked notebook, but it could optionally indicate that a search result is in a locked notebook. Or a search will only find a note that is in an unlocked notebook. A notebook would stay unlocked for 5 minutes after the last viewing/ editing of a note in a locked notebook. Or it could stay unlocked until the user switches to a new app (iOS) or closes the window (web) or quits the program (desktop).
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